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The Fly

No description


on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of The Fly

"The Fly" by Katherine Mansfield Setting: Plot Introduction Inciting Incident Rising Action Climax Falling Action Conclusion Introduces characters
Gives setting
Sets up the premise for the rest of the story The incident or moment that sets up the rest of the story Conflict Characters Point of View Theme the central idea of a story Time period,location,and surroundings where a story takes place The voice in which the story is being told Round Characters
seem real
fully developed
encounters a conflict and is changed by it Dynamic Characters
go through some sort of change in the story Flat Characters
few personality traits Static Characters
go through no change
does not grow or develop A struggle around which the story revolves the most intense part in a story builds interest in the story pieces fall into place to resolve conflict
story starts to wrap up conflict is resolved
characters learn something Death is inevitable, but we always want the people we love to fight to avoid it The Boss' newly furnished office

""New carpet," and he pointed to the bright red carpet with a pattern of large white rings. "New furniture," and he nodded towards the massive bookcase and the table with legs like twisted treacle." Pg 274 Introduces The Boss and Woodifield
Describes The Boss' office
The Boss and Woodifield having a normal conversation Woodifield tells The Boss that his daughters have seen The Boss' son's grave The Boss discovers the fly drowning in the ink and helps it out.
The Boss drips ink on the fly several times to see how long it will fight to survive The Fly gives up and dies in the drop of ink The Boss throws away the fly and the blotting paper, feeling awful The Boss forgets what he was thinking about before he noticed the fly Human vs Human Human vs Nature Human vs Society Human vs self First person
The story is being told through a character's eye's. Usually the protagonist Third person
"He, She, They" Second person
"You" Omniscient
The author sees all and knows all, including thoughts, feelings, etc. Objective
Purely what can be seen from the outside looking in, no concentration on characters thoughts or feelings "The Fly" Is in third person omniscient

"Poor old chap, he's on his last pins, thought the boss. And, feeling kindly, he winked at the old man, and said jokingly, 'I tell you what. I've got a little drop of something here that'Il do you good before you go out into the cold again. It's beautiful stuff. It wouldn't hurt a child.'" Pg 275 The Conflict in "The Fly" is Human vs Self
The Boss struggles with his own thoughts feelings, and memories and in the end chooses, unconsciously to repress them. The boss is a static character. Instead of facing his fears and dealing with what has happened in his past he does everything he can to forget it and live his life without having dealt with it. When Mr Woodifield mentions the boss's son, the boss does not react and when the boss starts to think about his son he quickly finds something to distract himself. I feel like the setting being newly furnished and
and having seemingly lots of effort put into it is
significant because it shows the boss trying to move
on with his life and surround himself by new things that
will not remind him of his dead son. Simile: A comparison using the words "like" or "as"

"For a long moment the boss stayed, staring at nothing while the gray haired office messenger, watching him, dodged in and out of his cubbyhole like a dog that expects to be taken for a run." Summary
The main character the boss is having a conversation with an old friend of his when said friend brings up the death of the boss's son. As the old friend leaves the boss is very upset until he sees a fly drowning in his ink pot and decides to save it. As the fly is almost cleaned itself off the boss drops more ink on it to test its will to live. He does this several times until the fly finally cannot handle it and dies. The boss then forgets his formal troubles and continues on with his day.
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