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04.05 comparing governments; honors extension

No description

Adriana Martinez

on 25 July 2014

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Transcript of 04.05 comparing governments; honors extension

ISIS forces last Iraqi christians to
flee Mosul
The islamic state in Iraq and Syria, a Sunni militant group issued a message to almost every Christian in Mosul on a Friday that they had til noon of the following day to leave the city. With just the clothes they wore men,women,children filled into cars,begged for rides,or hopped for a taxi to the nearest christian villages.Youtube videos shows the ISIS taking a sledgehammer to the tomb of Jonah. They also destroyed a statue of the virgin Mary and removed the cross from St.Ephrens Cathedral. Christians are among the minorities who are being expelled, abducted and held for ransom or most likely killed by the ISIS, according to the United Nations report on civilian causalities in Iraq. According to a joint report by the United Nations human rights office in Geneva and United nations mission in Iraq at least 1,531 civilians were killed in June alone ,bringing the civilian death toll for the first half of the year to a minimum of 5,576. In June alone more than 600,000 people were made to leave their homes, leaving the number of displaced people in Iraq to 1.2 million , the report also states.
Islamic state in Iraq and Syria(ISIS) kill 270 in attack on a gas field in central Syria, report says
The ISIS killed 270 Syrians, including national guard members,security guards,and employees after storming and seizing the shaer gas field in homs province. This slaughter comes after the recent ISIS violence against Christians and other minorities. The Islamic militants issued an ultimatum to remaining christians in Mosul; accept islam,pay extra taxes to the islamic sharia court or face ''death by the sword''. Although it is said by the international organization of human rights that the extremist group is already ''killing, kidnapping, and threatening religious and ethnic minorities" in Mosul and other Iraqi cities and towns. According to the United nations assistance mission for Iraq 2,400 Iraqis have died in the violence in June ,1,500 of those being civilians including 270 civilian police officers and 900 were members of the iraqi security forces.
Essay summary
The actions happening within a country can tell you much about the nature of its government. Therefore,the current events that have taken place in the recent months in Iraq indicate that the iraqi government is in turmoil,leaving both the people as well as the government in immediate danger. The Iraqi government seems unable to protect their citizens from militant groups. Iraq is a parliamentary democracy type of government. A parliamentary democracy is a political system where parliament selects the government, This system means parliament is a government that has a legislative branch with authority over the executive branch. However, as of late the iraqi government is in dismay. Throughout the country there is unrestricted violence mostly due to an islamic militant group threatening the people and government both.
To my knowledge Iraq is undergoing democratization. Although, this is a long a process and it takes time to convert the country into a more democratic government. It is my understanding that there has been a U.S. military presence in Iraq for years now thus i think it's fair to assume that some our democratic polices may have rubbed off on the Iraqi government. However, total democratization for the country will most likely take years to achieve.
It is knew that events in one country can affect another. For example Iraq is in conflict and The U.S. military is continuing to help the nation. This affects the U.S. because the funding and resources to prevent farther conflict are expensive.


For Iraq, debacle in Tikirt forces walk into a trap set by militants
In the town of Tikrit Iraqi troops and their militia and volunteers had apparently fallen into a trap. Just as they were about to hoist the Iraqi flag over Buildings and declare their victory over the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria a Sunni militant group, which had taken control over Tikrit. The town was pounded with bombs leaving what would hopefully be only hours before the Iraqi government would recapture the city. The ISIS seemly appeared to be retreating after it appeared that air support and tanks were on the troops side, leading them to believe that the militants were really gone. As they were about to raise the Iraqi flags on roofs,defuse booby traps,and clear bombs , bullets rained over their heads, suicide bomber throw themselves out of widow and detonated mid-air,they appeared to be flying at them from all sides. Many of the soldiers and untrained volunteers were killed or gravely wounded,although most of the causalities seem to be among the volunteers who were vulnerable and unable to protect themselves.
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