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News Neutrality

No description

Marlena Resnick

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of News Neutrality

Let's take a look at some news stories that need to be told neutrally....
Going Further...
Chemical Weapons in Syria
August 23: attack in Syria with over 1000 casualties
Sarin, an extremely dangerous chemical agent, is believed to have been used.
This story NEEDS to be told with neutrality
because we don't want to accuse countries and risk starting another war. We also want to see both sides of the issue.
If we create more conflict, there is enough weaponry that we could blow up and kill half the world.
Neutrality (n.): presenting both sides of an event or argument without taking a position; the absence of declared bias
Pope Francis
Pope Francis, in August 2013, made statements about gay rights, abortion, and other touchy subjects
This story NEEDS to be told in a neutral manner
Without neutrality, people would get the wrong idea, take offense, and things could spiral out of control
This story is extremely radical and important, as long as it's told safely and neutrally
Abortion in Nigeria can only be used to save the life of a woman. A lot of women don't have money to pay for an abortion, so they will try to buy a cheap procedure. But the cheapest abortions tend to be the most dangerous
What is neutrality?
This story NEEDS to be reported neutrally

If this is not reported neutrally, people might want to attack the government and force them to change the laws. If we do this, we could create conflict and possibly go to war
Silent Abortions in Lagos, Nigeria
Who is Paul Kagame really? Tony Blair calls him a "visionary leader", Bill Clinton calls him "one of the greatest leaders of our time".
In reality he has a reputation for being merciless and brutal and doing whatever it takes (even if that means going to extreme measures).
This is one example of why news NEEDS to be told neutrally
because we believe what we hear, and sometimes what we hear is not always right.
Rwanda President Paul Kagame

Reporters can't make you want to help. In order to be any help to anyone who needs it, you need to be educated on all sides of the story, and news with a purpose (bias) can't give that to you!
Why is neutrality in news important?
Provides information from both sides
No biased opinions
Allows the viewer to decide how they want to react or respond to a certain story

Pros of Neutrality
Only tells you one side of the story
Could be dangerous and lead to the wrong kind of help
Activism stories tend to be controversial so they may lead to arguments
Bad press for a good issue/good press for a bad issue - common among activism news
Cons of Activism
Who Cares?
These examples and more show why neutrality in news is so important
Readers need to be able to form their own opinions on issues based on neutral news
Activism in news is so risky....

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