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The taste of Melon

No description

Willy hancock

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of The taste of Melon

The Taste of Melon By Borden Deal Plot This story, "The Taste of Melon" is about a look into the past of a16 year old boy and his two friends, who one night steal a giant watermelon because the protaginist is not feeling totally accepted by his friends, and wants to impress a girl his age. They see the owner of this melon as a greedy farmer, who has no sense of sharing. In the end the protaganist finds out that this was no greedy farmer, but actually a nice man who wants to host a party with the giant melon for everyone in the neighborhood to help make his wife feel better, who is sick. After realizing all of this and what he has done, the protaganist confesses to the farmer, and promises to help him plant and harvest watermelons next year. Characters The characters in this book has the protaginist, a new in the neighborhood 16 year old boy who wants to impress his friends and the girl he likes. He is insecure about whether his friends really accept him or not and wants a way to bring them closer together. There are the protaginist's friends, Freddie and J.D who helped him steal the watermelon. Then there is Mr.Wilson, a very protective farmer with a huge watermelon. As well there is Wiladean, Mr.Wilson's daughter, who all three of the teenagers like. Then there are just minor characters such as the dad, and Mrs.Willis. Setting This story is set in the the past, in a flashback of a boy, in which looks to be somewhere in the southern United States, due to all the farmers, and the tradition of stealing watermelons as a teen. It takes place in a small neighborhood full of farmers, and people who enjoy the tradition of stealing watermelons. Theme I believe the theme of this story is maturity and coming of age. In the beginning of the story he says he's starting to take an interest in girls which is a sign of maturity, and also at the end when he confesses to taking the watermelon its a sign of adulthood and having a conscience. Borden Deal, The Taste of Melon Borden Deal was a full time writer who died of a heart attack in 1985. He has wrote a number of books all semi popular, but perhaps his most popular and well known for being the basis of a broadway musical "The Insolent Breed" served as his best. In his life time he wrote 21 novels, and a number of short stories. 12 years before he died he recieved a litterary award from the Alabama library association. He was 63 when he died. Point of view This story was told in a first person perspective, where we never even get to hear the protaginist's name due to the fact were hearing the story in his perspective. My opinion I thought that this book was very interesting. The characters had lots of depth and you could almost feel for them. The story had a good plot and kept me interested on what was going to happen. It's ending was kind of dissapointing due to the cliche, where he feels bad, and has to fess up to the stealing. I really liked how many characters the auther could fit into a story this short and still have lots of background information on them. I did not like how we never heard the protaginist's name though. The ending might have been dissapointing but there ended up being a bit of surprise. I was surprised by the fact that Mr.Wills turned out to be not such a harsh person , and actually someone who cared for his wife, and lived a hard and honest life. Overall this story was an enjoyable read, and worth my time. Character Analysis: Protaginist This character (who we don't know the name of) is a 16 year old, newcomer in a farming town, and doesn't feel completely accepted by his new friends yet. As well, he's starting to take an interest in girls. He's a daredevil when it comes to impressing his friends because he thinks if he can pull daring things off they might completely accept him and they could be very good friends. This protaginist is also has a very good sense of conscience and is touched when he hears Mr.Wills only wanted to have a party with the giant melon to make his wife feel better. If this character was to be in a movie I would choose Drew to play this character. Literary devices This story had similies, a metaphor, and a flashback. A similie would be "Pale as a butterbean" and a metaphor such as "When he looks at you, you just wither" And really the whole story is just one flashback of the protagonist, which is defined at the beginning "When i think of the summer I was sixteen......"
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