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Makeup Your Mind

No description

Frankie Sixx

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Makeup Your Mind

Your Mind

Statement of Purpose
To find what boys/men find most attractive.
No Makeup
Some Makeup
A lot of makeup
Huge interest to girls/women

Our Hypothesis: Majority will choose photo with a medium amount of makeup.

Your Hypothesis:
Find a model (Online)
Save 3 different pictures of model with different amounts of makeup on
Test on strangers in each age group (male)
By: Frankie Sixx (Period 1) &
Sophia Hetrick (Period 4)

Both our & the class's hypothesis's were incorrect
The older the men got, the less makeup they seemed to prefer
Inconclusive; each age group of guys preferred a different photo from the others
1. What was the purpose of our experiment?
2. Which part of the brain is responsible for attraction?
3. What did women do in the Sixth Century in attempt to make themselves more attractive and what did they use?
4. Men tend to think women who wear makeup are more (blank) than women who don't.
5. What was a woman wearing makeup compared to?
1.To find what amount of makeup boys/men find most attractive
No makeup
Some Makeup
A lot of Makeup
Ours: We thought that all men/boys would prefer a lot of makeup.

2. Medial Pre-frontal Cortex
Some men felt the need to say they preferred one image rather than the one they actually liked to seem like a better person

71% percent of girls feel uncomfortable with their natural appearance
The medial pre-frontal cortex stimulates attraction
6th Century women made themselves paler by bleeding to be more attractive
3. They made themselves bleed to look paler with leeches
4. Intelligent/ Attractive
A peacock and its feathers.
Makeup YOUR Mind
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