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The Texas Revolution!

Electronic Portfolio

Devia J

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of The Texas Revolution!

The Texas Revolution! An Electronic Portfolio Journal Entry Map Skills Graphing Skills! Multi-Flow Chart Timeline! Illustration Flow Chart Primary source document I Devia Joshi
4th period
12/11/12 The Victory or Death letter written by William B. Travis is significant because it is a great example of the sheer courage that those men had. It shows what kind of battle the Texans were going to put up. It represents the kind of courage, perseverance, and determination that the men at the Alamo had. It reminds us that Texas independence did not come without a fight and if it weren't for the people who gritted their teeth and stayed even when the going got tough,we wouldn't be here today. Events that led to the Texas Revolution! Important battles in the Texas Revolution! A journal entry by a settler living in Texas during the Texas Revolution time period. A map of Texas with significant locations marked. I chose this picture because it
represents the battle of Gonzales
which was one of the first skirmishes
of the Texas revolution. June 29, 1835 Battle of
Anahuac October 2, 1835 Texans win
Battle of
Gonzales November-December
1835 Siege and battle of
San Antonio February 23-March 5, 1836 The Alamo siege March 2, 1836 Texas Declaration of
is signed March 27, 1836 Goliad
Massacre October 3, 1825 Battle of Gonzales October 10, 1835 Capture of Goliad December 5, 1835 San Antonio grass fight The Battle of the Alamo February 23, 1836 February 27, 1836 Economical, Political, and Social reasons for the Texas Revolution Texas Revolution Economical Political Social Very different cultures and life styles
Different views on slavery Mexican leaders were being unfair
Authority is too far away Restricted trade
Too many taxes A graph that shows how many battles we won and how many battles Mexico won out of all the battles in the Texas Revolution. Goliad Massacre Battles won in the Texas Revolution Dear Diary,

These have been some very stressful times! You wouldn't believe what tension we all are under. I fear for my children and husband especially who has volunteered to fight in the battle against the Mexicans. I do hope we win. It will mean peace, stability, and fairness to Texas. The Mexicans put such taxes on all the goods we get from America that now we are forced to buy Mexican goods (I like the American things better!). Anyway, last I heard the troops were going to go to the Alamo. I don't think they know whether they will meet with the Mexican troops or not but alas, I am not informed very often. I wish they would hurry up and put that darn postal service in place! Anyway, I better go tend to the kitchen and clothes. May God keep my husband safe and luck on our side!
- Elizabeth Clark San Jacinto Gonzales San Jacinto Gonzales San Antonio Goliad San Patricio
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