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How Far She Went by Mary Hood

No description


on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of How Far She Went by Mary Hood

How Far She Went by Mary Hood
How Far She Went by Mary Hood is told in third person the tone is set in the beginning as rebellious and deviant. But after events played out, a change was set in the young teen.
The Literary Elements used by the author to set the tone as rebellious is the characterization and symbols.
The girl is being a rebel
The motorcyclist trying to harm both the grandmother and the granddaughter
The mutual relationship between both characters (grandmother and her granddaughter)
How Far She Went is about the struggles between a grandmother and her grand-daughter. The girl is being forced to live there, and will not comply with any of her grandmothers wishes. The girls mother, Sylvia, had died very young, and the grandmother was still hurting for her long lost daughter. There was a deep wound, and it only became deeper when the granddaughter embodied her mother and the way she used to be: rebellious and deviant.
The daughter runs off with some bikers, and the grandma chases her down, confronting the men and telling them she is only 15. They think everything is safe until the drive home when the bikers come back and chase them down with guns. They end up hiding under a dock and having to drown the dog to keep him quiet. In the end, the daughter realizes how much her grandma is willing to sacrifice for her, that she really understands how she feels, and that everybody loves in different ways.

".. touch her granny's back where the faded voile was clinging damp, the merest gauze between their wounds."
Plot continued
Concerned for her granddaughter
Static character, there is no change she makes with the girl. She has always cared and loved her.
Still grieving over the loss of her daughter, Sylvia
Mary Hood uses examples of both direct presentation and indirect presentation in her short story, "How Far She Went."
Grandmother developong character. Becoming a fighter as the story progressed
The girl, more dynamic but rebellious. Portrayed as a typical teen trying to find herself in the world.
A dynamic character.
The story shows how a rebel who has no respect for people who try to care for them can become more civilized and learn to care and respect the things that love them and try to protect them.
She makes the change.

Teen Girl, rebellious
Biker's handgun, power and fear
dog, innocence
Bikers, uncaring
graveyard, grief
The setting comes into play in "How Far She Went" many times. It is more likely for it to be in a rural american town for the granddaughter, and the woods for the intense chasing scene, it changes the whole motif of the story.

The setting is very effective to the story because it shows the realism in how this can contribute to everyday life. Mostly how teens become rebellious and in the end they have a change of heart towards loved ones,
Work Cited
Perine's literature
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