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Fairy Tail

No description

Wendy Marvell

on 21 April 2013

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Transcript of Fairy Tail

Art and Work original By: Hiro Mashima
Prezi by: Skymaiden777 ~Fairy Tail~ Key of the starry night arc
Episode 125-150 Daphne Arc
Episode 69-75 Filler Arc's Arc's Macao Arc
Op 1 And Ed 1
Episdoes 1-2
Chapter 1-3 Daybreak Arc
Op1 and Ed 1
Epsoides 3-4
Chapter 4-9 Lullaby Arc
Op1 and Ed 1
Epsidoes 5-10
Chapter 10-23 Galuna Island
Op 1 and Ed 1
Episode 11-20
Chapter 24-46 Phantom Lord Arc
Op 2 and Ed 2
Episode 21-29
Chapter 47-69 Loke Arc
Op 3 and Ed 3
Episode 30-32
Chapter 70-74 Tower of heaven arc
Op 3 & Ed 3
Episode 33-40
Chapter 75-102 Fighting festival arc
Op 4 & Ed 4
Episode- 41-48
Chapter 103-130 Oración Seis Arc
Op 5 & Ed 5
Episode 49- 68
Chapter 131-164 Edolas Arc
Op 6 & Ed 6
Op 7 & Ed 7
Episode 76-95
Chapter 165-199 Tenrou Island Arc
Op 8 & Ed 8
Episode 96-122
Chapter 200-253 x791 arc
Op 9& Ed9
Episode 123-124
Chapter 254-257 Grand Magic Games Arc
Op 13 & Ed 13
Op 14 & Ed 14
Episode 151-175
Chapter 258-Ongoing Main Character's and Magic -Lucy Heartfillia
- Celestical Spirit Magic -Natsu Dragneel
-Fire dragon slayer -Erza Scarlet
-Requip Magic -Gray Fullbuster
-Ice Mage -Wendy Marvell
-Sky dragon slayer -Happy
-Aera -Carla
-Aera Other Magic and Characters you should know Mirajane Strauss- Satan Soul
S-class mage Mavis Vermillion-Fairy Glitter
-Fairy Sphere
Fairy Tail's first master Makarov Dreyar- Fairy Law
-Fire Magic
-Ice Magic
-Light Magic
-Maximum Defense Seal
-Wind Magic
Fairy Tail's current master (Third) Porlyusica-Healing
Former memebr of Fairy Tail, now their Medicinal Advisor Gildarts Clive-Crash
-Disassembly magic Crime Scoricère
-Jellal Fernandes-Heavenly Body Magic
-Through Projection
-Darkness Magic
-Fire Magic
-Abyss Break
-Bind Snake
-Magic Staves

Ultear Milkovich-Arc of Time
-Possession Magic
-Through Projection

Meredy-Maguilty Sense Lucy Heartfilla Lucy Heartfilia
Age: 17
Affiliation: Fairy Tail
Previous Affiliation: Heartfilia Konzern
Guild Mark Location: Back of right hand
Current Teams: Rescue Team & Team Natsu
Previous Teams: Light Team, Tenrou Team, & Fairy Tail Team A
Occupation: Mage
Magic: Celestial Spirit Magic, Unison Raid, Urano Metria, Ushi no Koku Mairi
Weapons: Fleuve d'étoiles
Japanese Voice Actor: Aya Hirano
English Voice Actor: Cherami Leigh Natsu Dragneel Natsu Dragneel
Age: Unknown
Affiliation: Fairy Tail
Guild Mark Location: Right Shoulder
Current Team: Rescue Team & Team Natsu
Previous Team: Light Team, Tenrou Team, Fairy Tail Team A & Team Fairy Tail
Occupation: Mage
Magic: Fire Dragon Slayer, Dragon Force, Lighting Flame Dragon Mode, Transformation, Ushi no Koku Mairi, Fire Magic
Weapons: Sealed Flame Blade (Former)
Japanese Voice: Tetsuya Kakihara
English Voice: Todd Haberkorn Erza Scarlet
Age: 19
Affiliation: Fairy Tail
Previous Affiliation: Tower of Heaven
Guild Mark Location: Left Arm
Current Team: Team Natsu & Team Fairy Tail
Previous Team: Light Team,Tenrou Team & Team Fairy Tail A
Occupation: S-Class Mage
Magic: Requip, Sword Magic, Telekinesis, Lightning Magic (whilst using Lightning Empress Armor), Fire Magic (whilst using Flame Empress Armor), Water Magic (whilst using Sea Empress Armor)
Weapons: 200+ Swords, Axes, Staffs, and other weapons
Japanese Voice: Sayaka Ohara
English Voice: Colleen Clinkenbeard Wendy Marvell Wendy Marvell
Age: 12
Affiliation: Fairy Tail
Previous Affiliation: Cait Shelter
Guild Mark Location: Right Shoulder
Current Team: Rescue Team
Previous Team: Light Team, Tenrou Team,
Team Fairy Tail A
Occupation: Mage
Magic: Sky dragon slayer & Unison Raid
Weapons: Air Shatter Cannon
Japanese Voice: Satomi Satō Erza Scarlet Gray Fullbuster Gray Fullbuster
Age: 18
Affiliation: Fairy Tail
Guild Mark Location: Right Pectoral
Current Team: Team Natsu & Team Fairy Tail
Previous Team: Light Team, Tenrou Team, Team Fairy Tail A
Occupation: Mage
Magic: Ice Magic, Ice-Make & Unison Raid
Japanese Voice: Yuichi Nakamura
English Voice: Newton Pittman Other Guilds
http://fairytail.wikia.com/wiki/Main_PageLamia Scale
-Jura Neekis
-Chelia Blhttp://fairytail.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Pageendy
-Lyon Vastia
-Yuka Suzuki
-Toby Horhhttp://fairytail.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Pageorta
http://fairytail.wikia.com/wiki/Main_PageAppearanceAppearanceAppearancehttp://fairytailhq.tv/fairy-tail-the-movie/http://www.fairytailonlinetv.com/ Blue Pegasus
-Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki
-Hibiki Lates
-Eve Tearm
-Ren Akatsuki
-Nichiya Quatro Cerberus
-War Cry
-Semmes Sabertooth
-Rogue Cheney
-Sting Eucliffe
-Sting Eucliffe
-Orga Nanagear
-Minerva Mermaid Heel
-Arania Web
-Kagura Mikazuchi
-Beth Vanderwood
-Risley Law
-Millianna Raven Tail
-Ivan Dreyar
-Flare Corona
-Kurohebi Fairy Tail ed 7
Lonely Person Fairy Tail ed 8
Don't.Think.Feel Fairy Tail ed 13
Kimi ga Kureta Mono Fairy Tail ed 14
We're the stars Websites you can go to learn more about Fairy Tail! Fairy Tail wiki.com
Websites you can enjoy anime and manga! Mangareader Mangafox Mangapanda
www.fairytailonlinetv.com Animefreak.com
A Website where you can write stories about your favourite anime and read other stories! Fanfiction.net Wendy Marvell Image Gallery
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