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Kung Fu Panda Monomyth

The story of Po on the Hero's Journey.

Thomas Nguyen

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of Kung Fu Panda Monomyth

The Call To Adventure
Refusal of Call
At the Palace, Master Oogway himself declares Po to be the Dragon Warrior which leaves Master Shifu (the mentor) and the Furious Five to become furious. The Furious Five is very hostile and mean towards Po and even Shifu refuses to teach the fat panda.
Supernatural Aid
Shifu is the mentor and is appointed the job to help shape Po into the Dragon Warrior. At first he wants nothing to do with someone who knows nothing about Kung Fu and wants the real Dragon Warrior. After Shifu speaks to his own mentor, Master Oogway (at the apostasis), he is motivated to do whatever he can to fulfill Oogway's last wishes.
Crossing First Threshold
Po crosses the first threshold when he leaves home and enters the training grounds where he is to be reformed into the Dragon Warrior.
Belly of the Whale
The belly of the whale in Kung Fu Panda is when Po entered the training hall to see the Furious Five in their workout. When attempting to use their equipment himself, Po miserably fails. As of all adventure stories, the protagonist does not start off with power, courage, and wisdom but these traits are to be acquired along the hero's journey.
Tigress despised Po and hated him from the start, pressuring him to leave the temple if he had respect for the Furious Five, Shifu, or all that is Kung Fu. She believes that he is not the Dragon Warrior and works out of her way to tempt him into departure.
Meeting with the Goddess
Road of Trials
Master Oogway is established as the goddess when he motivates Po to keep working while others did the opposite. Without this turtle, Po would not be at the temple or training until he fulfilled his destiny.
Po's worthiness is put to the test when he is met with the temptation to leave, the teasing from his peers, and the disdain from his master. Furthermore, Po was not used to the daunting challenges that awaited him and failed them all miserably, however, he did not quit but instead persevered through the training.
Atonement with the Father
While in a conversation with Oogway, Shifu was there to witness his master's death and through that death, he decided to fulfill Oogway's last wishes. The wish to mold and nurture Po into the Dragon Warrior. This scene is very important and caused the bonding between mentor and hero.
The Ultimate Boon
After visiting his own father, Po discovers that the secret to his father's secret ingredient soup is believing. If people believe that it's special, than it is. With this new profound self-knowledge, Po unravels the meaning of the Dragon Scroll.
Magic Flight
The magic flight was when Tai Lung returned back to the village. The furious five were to evacuate the townspeople while Shifu defended. When Shifu was ultimately defeated, it was the Dragon Warrior's destiny to defeat Tai Lung and Po did just that.
Refusal of Return
The refusal of return was displayed throughout the movie as Po showed no signs of homesickness and was ecstatic to fight amongst the Furious Five and to learn from Master Shifu himself. He had no intentions of returning to the noodle life, Kung Fu was his true passion.
Crossing the Return Threshold
The final threshold was when Po returned to the temple and informed Shifu of his victory, that he defeated Tai Lung. His destiny as Dragon Warrior is fulfilled.
Master of Two Worlds
Completely opposite to the beginning, Po is now respected by his peers and they acknowledge his being of the Dragon Warrior when they called him "Master". Po reached enlightenment, conquered his fears, and completed his goals and that signifies the Master of Two Worlds.
Freedom to Live
Starting out depressed and monotone in his job as a noodle vendor, Po now has the will to live knowing that he is the Dragon Warrior. His passion for Kung Fu has been satisfied and recognition has been given to him for his accomplishments in saving the village.
Shifu took the role of Po's spiritual father for he was overbearing, strict, and held significant meaning in Po's journey. When Shifu witnessed Po shimmy up the cupboards, he knew Po's drive and tried to fit that into his training, to mold Po into the Dragon Warrior.
Po starts off his adventure by selling noodles for his father's restaurant. Unfortunately, Po's passion is not for noodles and when the revealing of the Dragon Warrior was going to be announced, Po knew he had to be at the Jade Palace for himself.
The Hero's Journey
Presented by Thomas Nguyen
Kung Fu Panda
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