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christina l

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Confucianism

Confucian Ideas
Early Influence
were spread by followers

by the Qin Dynasty
by the Han Dynasty
of Disunion lasted ( 200-598 AD), was a time of great turmoil and distress
was a new philosophy which eventually overthrew the long running ideas of Confucius
was centered around the goal to attain enlightenment and be released from the cycle of rebirth and death, thus attaining Nirvana.
was more comforting than a religion focused on maintaining a structured society
Confucius vs. Buddha
Confucianism is the main philosophy in China originating from Confucius
He was born more than 1000 years before the Song Dynasty (960-1279)
He had a huge impact on the Song Dynasty's government.
He still has a huge impact today in China.

By: Elizabeth Lokoyi and Kobi Touhid
Scholar Officials
The Bureaucracy was a body of unelected government officials
To get into this bureaucracy one had to take civil service examination

This exam was a series of written tests that lasted up to 72 hours centered around Confucius ideas and teachings
Once you passed you were a Scholar Official or an-educated member of the government
The tests were extremely difficult and would take years to study for
Desperate people would even take desperate measures in creative forms of cheating
This exam helped ensure that scholar officials were good and qualified
A struggle for power
Roles of Scholar Officials

Concern for others (Ren)
Appropriate behavior (Li)
He thought everybody should have a proper role in society
Young people should obey their elders
Elders should obey their rulers
During the Song Dynasty, in an attempt to improve Chinese government they revived Confucianism
Neo-Confucianism was a new philosophy, which emphasized more on spiritual matters
Neo-Confucianism came to be because people were able to follow the philosophy and still do bad things
Because this new philosophy was so effective, its influence on the Song dynasty was huge
The ideas became the official Song dynasty teachings.
Elite members of society
Performed important jobs for the government and were widely respected
Considerable respect and reduced penalties for law-breaking
Scholar Officials jobs were to keep a civilized structured city,town etc.
This system of choosing and using Scholar Officials created great stability in the Song Government
The End!
Made By: Elizabeth Lokoyi and Kobi Touhid
Special Thanks To: Mr.Rooney, for giving us this AWESOME assignment!

Have a Good Day
Confucianism in China Today

In China, today Chinese Communist Party looks for ways to justify their government and look to Confucianism.
This is because Confucianism is a political tradition that is uniquely Chinese and can support their type of authoritarian rule.
China is creating its own political culture based on its own political and philosophical history(Confucianism).
Ordinary people are in search of the spiritual nourishment they feel is missing in their lives.
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