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Software is Eating the World

Keynote at Proekspert's 20 year anniversary

Hans Peter Bech

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Software is Eating the World

Software is Eating the World - opportunities & challenges for Estonia Who said that?
Why did he say that?
What are the opportunities?
What are the challenges Marc Andreessen $2,7B Venture Fund Who? Hans Peter Bech Why? 125 software ventures in total "My own theory is that we are in the middle of a dramatic and broad technological and economic shift in which software companies are poised to take over large swathes of the economy." Marc Andreessen Software will eat the world on three levels The Opportunities Cost of Entry Market Reach Location Innovation Concepts Little cash required!! Bubble?? Does it matter anymore? 1,5 billion views 1 billion broadband subscribers 1,5 billion English Speaking Population What Nations Want/Need What Nations Want What Nations Need Full Employment Export Taxes A Well Paid Population Innovation Lean Government The Challenge Where is the highest value? The Wall Street Journal August 20, 2011 $870,000 ad revenue sharing on YouTube.
$2.4 million on iTunes downloads
$4.6 million from endorsement deals
$8 million gross revenue How much money did Psy make off Gangnam Style? The Victims Owned by Estonians The need for an open intra/entrepreneurial eco-system The Estonian Situation Area: #133 (252)
Labor Force: #153 (232)
GDP: #113 (229)
Investments: #58 (152)
GDP Growth: #135 (217)
GDP/Capita: #60 (228)
Unemployment: #125 (201)
Equality: #108 (136)*
Budget Surplus/GDP: #82 (213)
Public Debt/GDP: #143 (152)* Ambition & Talent Service Providers Funding Markets Software is Eating the World * high is better Source: CIA 2012 Keynote Presentation April 25th 2013
Tallinn, Estonia 25 Years Anniversary Hans Peter Bech Hans Peter Bech
+45 2347 6762
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