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Book 10

The Odyssey Project

Marianna D

on 6 February 2010

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Transcript of Book 10

Book 10 The Grace of the Witch Characters Visual Quiz Themes Epic Simile Aiolos: Keeper of the Winds.
Antiphates: King of the giant Laistrygonians
Eurylokhos: Leader of the expedition to Kirke's home.
Kirke: Witch goddess from the isle of Aiaia. Turns men into pigs.
Elpenor: Young crewman. Dies from drunken fall.
Teiresias: Keeper of the prophecy from the land of death.
Percephone: Queen of the Underworld. Values Loyalty Temptation Obedience Lust Seduction Hostility Loyalty Hospitality Honesty "None would attack - oh, it was strange, I tell you-
but switching their long tails they faced our men
like hounds, who look up when their master comes
with tidbits for then - as he will - from table."
Page 171 1. True or false:
Kirke's spell works on Odysseus. 2. Ture or false:
The Laistrygonians are giants who
threw rocks at Odysseus' ships. 3. What is one theme and one value
present in the chapter? 4. Who gives Odysseus a bag of winds?
A. Kirke
B. Aiolos
C. Antiphates
D. Teiresias
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