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virginia speirs

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Titanic

tips on how to survive if you are stranded in freezing water
compare and contrast
This is a compare and contrast of the real Titanic and the movie Titanic. Some of the people in the movie Titanic were actually on the ship, and some are completely fictional. Of course, in the movie, Jack and Rose are fictional characters. But, characters like Molly Brown, John Astor, Benjamin Guggenhiem, and Joseph Ismay were actually real people that were on the Titanic and mentioned in the movie.

did you know?
The Titanic was once the biggest man-made object on Earth
The titanic cost 7.5 million dollars to build
The top speed of the titanic was around 26 miles per hour
14 years before the titanic sank, there was a book about an unsinkable ship; the Titan, that sank in April because of an iceberg.
The iceberg that the Titanic hit was was four degrees warmer than the water. The water was 28 degrees and the iceberg was 32 degrees.
If the iceberg was hit from the front, then the ship would have stayed afloat because of the strength of its bulkheads.
The titanic was originally supposed to carry 64 lifeboats. To save from cluttering decks, Titanic ended up carrying 20.
There were approximately 10,000 light bulbs used on the ship
At maximum, the titanic could carry 3,547 people
It took 74 years to find the wreck of the Titanic

I am interested in the titanic because no one really knows a lot about it. I would like to find out some more about how it sank and where it is in the Atlantic Ocean.
How is studying the Titanic beneficial to society?

I think studying titanic is beneficial to society because a lot of people would really like to know more about the titanic. Titanic was a very big ship and very historical, so i think many people would like to know a lot about; like how it was built, ect.
1. Keep calm at all times
2. Make sure that you make the best attempt to get out of the water as soon as possible.
3. If you cant get out of the water, and are with somebody, huddle together to keep body heat.
Other facts
The construction of the titanic took two years
Out of a crew of 900, 18 of them were women
If all the life boats were filled to capacity, 1,178 people would have survived instead of 706
The musicians on the boat played two hours and five minutes while the ship sank.
3,500 bags of mail were lost on the ship
The iceberg Titanic crashed into was 100 feet tall
There were 12 dogs aboard the ship and only 2 survived- a pekingese and a pomeranian.
About 25% of the third-class passengers survived
About 42% of the second-class passengers survived
James Cameron, the producer of the major motion picture, when down to the wreck himself 12 times.
By: Virginia Speirs
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