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Summon, Information Literacy and Step up to HE

How Staffordshire University's Step up to HE programme encourages students to be critical in their studies. Originally presented at the 2nd UK Information Literacy & Summon Day, Manchester, 25th July 2013.

Eleanor Johnston

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Summon, Information Literacy and Step up to HE

Summon, Information Literacy
and Step up to HE

Session 2: Evaluating Information
We enable students to critically analyse a website using the pedagogical approach devised by Anthony Beal from JISC (@redsontour) and offer alternative ways to find reliable sources - principally Summon. This session has been tracked for feedback, impact and results since last year
The Library and Step Up
There has been an information literacy presence on the course for over 4 years. This comprises 3 x 1 hour sessions during the 5 week course, following the Walton & Cleland (2013) empirical model of information literacy:
Eleanor Johnston
Staffordshire University

The focus of this provision is to build learner self-belief, in the potential for UG study, through the development of a range of academic study skills and experiences.
Introducing Step up to HE
Step Up to HE is a free, 5 week programme that provides a ‘taste’ of university. It's aimed at anyone over 18 years who is thinking about further study and may be unsure of where to start or what is involved.
So, we need to deliver accessible, interesting, informative sessions
One participant reported that Step Up to HE had been effective preparation as it enabled “learning without being judged.” (Taylor, 2012, p2)
1.Finding information

2.Evaluating information

3.Using information
Session 1: Finding Information

We focus on finding items using the library catalogue and introduced Summon last year to find e-resources

Explained the difference between the search engines they use and Summon - tag line 'the academic Google'.

Showed that Summon allows free access to resources either not available or charged using other search engines.

Introduced academic language such as peer review, academic journals and abstracts via a discussion forum and peer-to-peer conversations.
These sessions have been team taught from the outset with Student Ambassadors and course leaders present as well as library staff. Currently, I deliver these sessions on behalf of Information Services with a 'tag team' partner - someone else from the service who has expertise and knowledge.
The dreaded martinlutherking.org on the front page of Google results:
Versus Martin Luther King on Summon (The Academic Google)
And the feedback is immediate and shows impact:

(History Today, available as full text via Summon search)
Students work in groups, analysing a range of resources to reference them in the Harvard format.

We use Summon to organise work and put items into folders.

Results can be displayed as a list of references.

Summon 2.0 should allow for these results to be saved and personalised.
Session 3: Using information
The future........
More Summon! Hugely popular with Step Up students as not overwhelming, easy to use, gets results fast, looking forward to
Lucky to have the luxury of time (3 sessions) - develop material for shorter sessions, online quizzes for badges? etc for other students
Thanks for your attention!
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