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New Approaches to Professional Development for Librarians

Technology culture has changed how people meet, learn, and collaborate. Harrison Dekker presents innovative approaches to professional development, such as *unconferences, barcamps, & meetups*

Harrison Dekker

on 27 August 2009

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Transcript of New Approaches to Professional Development for Librarians

"Libraries face a future brimming with economic, organizational, and technical challenges. It is a certainty, no longer seriously debated, that we will have to make fundamental shifts in what we do and how we do it." Recent survey of 240+ future library leaders reveals
lack of investment by libraries in areas of future growth
continued investment in low-value functions
librarians slow to react to the new technological service demands of their users
What is an Unconference?An unconference is a participant-guided experience that actually brings the unstructured conversations people usually have between conference sessions into the conference itself. Unlike most conferences where a group of leaders determine what will be discussed, the participants make those decisions at an unconference, and usually either on the day of the unconference or shortly before. Unconferences usually aren't about big-name speakers, but are more about letting everyone attending take part in the conversation.
http://wikis.ala.org/annual2009/index.php/Unconference code4lib unconference meetup New Approaches to Professional Development for LIbrarians NEW APPROACHES TO PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR LIBRARIANS
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