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by Ella Torcasio

Ella Torcasio

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of ~migration~

Migration in australia
By Ella Torcasio
Migration is when somebody moves from one place to another.

If you would like to watch an interview on Cuc Lam visit


Migration has changed over time because there used to be over 400,000 people in Australia but now there are 20 million people living in Australia because of migration.
Change Over Time
What is migration?
Cuc Lam left her whole family behind when she fled from Vietnam in 1978, with only her husband Minh.They escaped in a fruit and vegetable boat, down the Mekong Delta, disguised as fishermen. They decided to leave because of war but it wasn't very easy.
Cuc was able to take very few belongings with her she took a watch from her sister, her wedding ring and her mother's earrings.
After eight days at sea, they were finally picked up by a Malaysian ship. It was while in that Malaysian refugee camp that Cuc heard she had been accepted into Australia, now her new home. Cuc sold her wedding ring to buy a red suitcase, so that she would not arrive in her new country empty handed. Cuc and Minh stayed in a Maribyrnong hostel in Melbourne until 1979, when Cuc had her first baby.
Cuc Lam
Each migrant has their own unique story to tell.
I have chosen a migrat to tell you about, her name is Cuc Lam.
Why do people migrate?
People migrate because of health, war, education,
jobs (opportunities), money and resources.
Austalia is in very healthy condition and so are the people.
Health is very important. If you are in an unhealthy environment you could risk your life.
In Australia there are lots of opportunities, that is why lots of people migrate here.
For example, They come here for jobs, education and other things like a better home.
War has made lots of people migrate to a better places. lots of people choose to leave but some get forced. Australia is a very nice place and war rarely occurs here.
People also migrate for education, for example, in some countries there are very bad schools that are leaving kids badly educated.
What is a migrant?

Migrants are people who move from one place to another. They move from one country to another because they want to start a new life, or they were stuggling in their old country.
Migrated Foods
There are lots of different foods from lots of different places. Some from Thailand, Italy, China, America etc.
I am only going to talk about one food from a different country, the food is called Pho. Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of linguine-shaped rice noodles, broth, a few meat, and herbs. It is a popular food in Vietnam.

If you would like to here about more foods go to my other frames.

Honey Chicken
honey chicken is from china. It is a really sweet dish.
Chicken breast
Salt and peper
Sesamee seeds
Butter chicken or what they call murgh makhani is a classic Indian recipe.
olive oil
chicken thighs
cloves garlic
coriander seed
chilli powder
tomato paste
Butter Chicken
tomato puree
Pasta Bolognese
I love spaghetti bolognese, do you?
Olive oil
Brown onion
Garlic cloves
Beef mince
Tomato Paste
Diced tomatoes
Thin spaghetti
Parmesan cheese
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