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Recruitment & New Hire Process - Parts Bootcamp

No description

Andrea Coursen

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Recruitment & New Hire Process - Parts Bootcamp

Interviewing &
Selection Finding Talent Recruitment &
Selection Job Opening Reference Checks & Offer Orientation
& Onboarding AS400 New Hire Request begins the process Things you can do... Things HR can do (upon request)...
Resume searches
Campus Involvement Who is responsible for what? MHC Philosophy on Hiring.... Hiring Managers are ultimately responsible
for all aspects of the hiring process; including finding candidates, screening, interviews, selection and onboarding. HR's role is to supplement your efforts with additional candidates, and to advise you on strategy for efficient and successful hiring. Gets your job posted on
www.mhctruck.com & company Intranet Phone Screens Include any candidates that meet minimum criteria
Call quickly after receiving application or resume
Discuss basic requirements
15-20 minutes per call
For 10 phone screens, expect 2-3 interviews
Schedule face-to-face while on the phone - send email with details and Benefit Summary Basic Employability Job Fit Culture Fit Filter #1: Can they work at MHC?
Job Hopper?
Reasons for leaving?
Relationship with peers and supervisors? Filter #2: Can they do the job?
Experience with specific
Successful in past jobs? Filter #4: Will they fit in our environment?
Team/Department dynamics?
Company dynamics?
"Whatever It Takes" mindset? Filter #3: Do they want to do the job?
Ideal job?
Ideal schedule?
Salary requirements?
Career goals & timeline? Initial Interview - collect all paperwork
Narrow field and request Assessment
2nd round interviews - with Assessment results *
Final interview with top candidate/s (no more than 3 visits to office)
30-60 minutes per interview Face-to-Face Interviews Do's Do...
Ask open ended questions
Offer full disclosure
Set your expectations early
Ask about MVR and criminal history
Expedite the process - schedule multiple interviewers back to back as "tentative" Andrea's Top 5 1. Why are you leaving your current job? Why did you leave previous jobs?
2. Tell me about your relationship with past co-workers/past supervisors.
3. What are the "must haves" in your next job?
4. Have you interviewed with other companies? Did you receive an offer?
5. What are your salary requirements? * Our Philosophy:
Hire Talent - Train Technical How do I know? How do I find out this information? First step.....
Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork #1 reason for a slow hiring process
Make sure you have:
Current New Hire Request in AS400
Consent for Testing form
Binding Arbitration form
Background Check/Sterling form
Assessment Send everything to HR, before making offer * What does HR do...
and why does it take so long? Reference checks - 2 business days
Criminal Background and MVR - 4-5 business days
HR will send Outlook email after reference checks are complete
OK to make offer contingent on....
Pending Criminal Background and MVR results
Drug Screen - 1 business day Once all screening steps are complete (typically 4-5 business days), HR will notify you via Outlook email, with New Hire Kit attached. How do I know how much to offer? Candidates you've phone screened and interviewed for the opening will be your best source of market data
HR can also provide data from area or national salary surveys, upon request Don't forget to sell your offer! What were the "must haves" from the interview?
Ongoing development and training?
Future advancement?
Team camaraderie? Fun atmosphere?
Job stability? They accepted...now what? Decide start date and complete New Hire Kit
Send to RAM
Must include App, Arb, Consent for Testing and Sterling forms, too
Follow up with all other candidates you phone screened or interviewed
Make note of any strong candidates for future openings "I really appreciate your time and interest in MHC. We've chosen to proceed with another candidate that was a closer fit to our needs. Woud you mind if I kept your information on file and contacted you if another opening became available?" What if they say no? Ask as many questions as you can! Why did they say no? Pay? Schedule? Culture? Work environment?

Ideally, you have a strong second choice who you've kept "warm".
If not, begin recruitment process again. HR will contact you to schedule formal New Hire Orientation They're hired....now the real work begins! An employees first day sets the tone for all future days Be prepared (work station, passwords, uniform)
Team lunch?
Tour facility, introduce to everyone
Explain MHC Operations and customer base
Have a plan for their training
Remember the little things
Where do I park? Where do people eat lunch?
Utilize Intranet Training System for required Work Instructions Stay close to the new employee - don't wait for 90 day review to get their feedback Schedule a 1-on-1 meeting at 30 days...
"How's it going so far?"
"What are you enjoying most?"
"What are you enjoying least?"
"What concerns do you have?"
"What can I do to better support you?" Complete their 90-day Evaluation on time! Performance
Management ?'s on Evaluations - Laura Rupe or myself
?'s on Performance Issues - Laura Swisher
?'s about Intranet Training - Tara Nigh
?'s about anything else - Call us! What did I miss? Questions? What's our philosophy on compensation? We should "Meet or Exceed" the market. What if they counter? Was your original offer fair? Equitable?
Meets or Exceeds the market? If yes, consider sticking to your original offer. Don't....
Do all the talking (80/20 Rule)
Ask about personal info
Age, marital status, children, race, health, religion, sexual orientation
Shy away from asking questions about red flags - Gaps? Terminations? Pay?
Mislead about job, environment, conditions
Don't forget to "sell" your position and opportunity
Wait weeks in between interviews
Jeopardize losing strong candidates to search for additional candidates
Settle (Mr. Right vs. Mr. Right Now?) Don't's 2nd & 4th Mondays (9 AM and 2 PM)
3rd Wednesday (10 AM and 3 PM) Why Mondays??? Referrals Ask vendors about players at the competition
Ask current employee's about former co-workers
Must know "Who's Who" in the market Shop Around Auto Parts Stores
Car Dealerships
Ag/Heavy Equipment Dealerships
The competition??? Get Involved Local campuses
Vocational, Community College, Universities
Alumni groups
Trade/Industry groups Success Stories??? Think of Recruiters as your
Business Partner or Consultant Strategize with them as soon as position opens
Update them regularly
Brainstorm on new, creative recruitment efforts
Share your success stories! * TX, TN, MS, GA = Susie Yuran MO, KS, AR, OK, CO, WY = Katie Beeler
816-242-6278 816-242-6239 Great, Candidates are applying! ...Now What? Parts Manager Bootcamp
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