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Georgia O'Keefe

our project for literature.

Katie Highman

on 28 October 2010

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Transcript of Georgia O'Keefe

Georgia O'Keefe By Katie Highman and Lauren Lynch Style: Immitative Realism
O'Keefe took a class taught by a man named Arthur Wesley Dow. Dow taught O'Keefe that the goal of art is the expression of the artist's personal ideas as well as feelings, and that such subject matter was best realized through harmonious agreements of line, color, and notan (the Japanese system of lights and darks). With her paintings, she vividly portrayed the power and emotion of objects of nature Georgia O'Keefe was described by her husband and fellow artist as the first American artist and the first women to rival European and male artists in quality and creativity. She was also famous for capturing the natural beauty of West Texas and New Mexico landscapes and features At the begining of her painting career
Georgia went to the Art Institue of Chicago. After six years of knowing Steiglitz they got married. It was said that the pair made the most fuitefull work. In other words, that their painting abilities together were a masterpiece. After there resent marrige
some of Georgia's most memorable
paintings were done. What this means
to me is that her husband was a huge
insperation. The way that Georgia O'Keefe
changed the culture of her time
was through her paintings.Her paintings
showed women can try new things and do
what they feel and that they can be good
with anything they choose. Women were eveolving during this time period and she enflunced it even more by showing how she was one of the first women to have her paintings be taken serious.
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