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on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of COLORADO A-Z FACTS

S is for Colorado A-Z Facts A is for Area: The area is 104,185 square miles Attractions: Some major attractions are Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods. B is for State bird: The lark bunting is mostly brown and white. C is for Coastlines:

Constitution date:

State Capital:

Major cities: There are no coastlines because Colorado is in the middle of The United States The day Colorado was an actual state was Denver is the capital of Colorado. It has big mountains. Some major cities are Thornton, Lakewood, Longmart, Denver, and Boulder. D is for Deserts: There is 1 desert in Colorado and it is Colorado desert. E is for Major events: In 1858 there was a gold rush in Colorado. In 1500 Ote Indians inhabited mountains. F is for state flag: The flag has a C in the middle and has blue surrounding it. State flower: The state flower is a Lark Bunting and is mostly brown. I is for J is for G is for State governor: His name is John Hickenlooper. H is for Hidee Gold Mine: Hidee Gold Mine is a very popular mine. Industries: Some major industries are Mining, Livestock, and Crops. Jellystone Park: Jellystone Park is a very popular park in Colorado. K is for KAO Colorado Spring: KAO Colorado Springs is a very famous location in Colorado. L is for Landforms: The main land form in Colorado is Mountains. Major Lakes: Some major lakes are Grand Lake and Blue Masa Resevoir. M is for State Motto: The state motto is Nothing without the Deity. N is for State name: Colorado is the state name. State nickname: The state nickname is The centennial state. O is for P is for Population: The population is 5.188 million State Origin: Colored Red is Colorado's state name origin. National Parks: A major national Park is Jellystone Park. Q is for Colorado quarter: The Colorado quarter has a picture of a mountain on it and says Colorado 1876. R is for Major Rivers: Some major rivers are Colorado River, Rio Grande, and Blue Mesa Resevoir. Sate Seal: The state seal says State of Colorado and Nilsine Nilmine. T is for Sport Teams: The Colorado football team is Denver Broncos. U is for Colorado University: Colorado University is a famous collage. V is for Colorado Volcanoes: Unlikely there is one volcano in Colorado. W is for Colorado weather: Colorado's weather is somewhere around the 60s and the 90s on an average day. X is for eXploring: Exploring on Pikes Peak is popular in Colorado! Y is for Youth Soccer: In Colorado youth soccer is a very popular sport. Z is for Zip Codes: some Colorado zip codes are 80022, 81102. All Colorado zip codes start with 8. http://www.mongabay.com/igapo/zip_codes/CO.htm

Address to all the Colorado zip codes.
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