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Welcome to Computer Applications

No description

Sharon Deitrick

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to Computer Applications

Computer Science
Typing and
More Typing
The very basics.

Your desktop

The system information

Maintenance Tools
We will be using TypingWeb.com for our typing
class. An average of 10wpm were
gained in just 8 minutes of practice a day!

Typing correctly and at a decent pace is now a
minimum requirement in most careers. Reports,
research, and presentations are much easier if you
are not struggling with your typing abilities.
Welcome to
Computer Applications



And many others!
Web 2.0
Computer Applications was designed to introduce you to 21st Century Learning concepts. Your teachers in Elementary and 7th use many of these tools in their lessons. Now it's your turn to really learn it well.
Computer Applications
Your SD171 Gmail Account

Google Docs

More Google Tools

Google Search tips and tricks
Each cube represents a unit you will be studying
this year. The class will be delivered through a system called
BrainHoney. The address is http://isd171.brainhoney.com

I teach over 8 subjects, so Brainhoney keeps me organized.
It lets you know exactly what we cover over the year. I will be
designing the curriculum as we go, so it is not all there yet.
Watch Me!
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