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Internet History

A brief description of the pivotal highlights of internet history. Not completed - 02.03.2010

Suzanne Boutot

on 25 August 2012

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Transcript of Internet History

Internet History ARPAnet 1960 US DoD invests a
significant amount of
money for incompatible
mainframe computers. The Internet is a network

of computer networks. 1968 Defense Advance Research Projects Agency 1969 DARPA contracts BBN 1970 ULCA
UCSB Paul Baran Packet
Switching RAND
U of Utah
BBN First 6 nodes 1957 Sputnik 1962 First Vast Computer
Network Envisioned 1964 1965 Brown University time Sharing ARPA National
Laboratory England: France: CYCLADES Around the World DARPA design a network that is future-proof;
no one owns the network;
transfer of packets only; it's stupid. 1973 Vint Cerf TCP/IP transmission control protocol where there is interactive computing, One terminal
ought to be able to go anywhere you want it to go. J.C.R. Licklider Robert Taylor RESOURCES WASTED
3 terminals to connect to 3 different computer systems Hypertext Editing System organized data into
two main types: Donald Davies USA: UK: 1024 bits decentralized networks with multiple paths between any two points branching text
links 1968 Donald Engelbart, Stanford The Mother of All Demos Nodes are added to ARPAnet at the rate of 1 per month. internet protocol NCP IMP : network control protocol : interface message processor Inter-Networking Project Bob Kahn 1972 29 Nodes August Ray Tomlinson First EMAIL sent 1971 3-way handshake X.25 file transfer protocol ADVANCED RESEARCH PROJECTS AGENCY FTP 40 Nodes
September batch processing Intergalactic
Network user@host 75% EMAIL traffic 3 million packets daily 1974 "internet"
as an adjective Bob Metcalfe - Ethernet (LAN) 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 Telenet $$ DCA Defense Communications Agency TCP/IP Dail-Up Queen Elizabeth
sent out email Packet Radio THEORYNET TCP/IP nearly in final form USENET ICCB Internet Configuration Control Board Dungeon multi-user UUCP ARPAnet experiment formally complete CSNET Computer Science Research Network 1980 CSNET Computer Science Research Network early supporter DOS 56Kbps IBM Microsoft 1981 200 Connected
Computers BITNET
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