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Jaime Little

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to PHYSICAL EDUCATION 10

Welcome to PHYSICAL EDUCATION 10 with Miss. Little!!!
My teaching model is a combination of direct instruction and Bruner's discovery learning. As an instructor, I will be there as a facilitator and provide basic foundational instruction, but the students will ultimately be the one's who will get a feeling for the skills and form relationships between movements. The development that occurs will be something that the students will discover on their own and they will learn their limits and try new things. The basic fundamental's will be given to the students and error detection and correction will be provided, but I encourage the discovery that occurs when students are given the opportunity to explore.
Emotional Support
This class will be one where everyone respects their classmates and their teacher. It is important to have respect in the classroom because we want to build strong trusting relationships to ensure that everyone feels safe and welcome when they come to class. I want everyone to feel like this is a space where they are free to try new things and improve their skills. I will lead by example in this class by modeling respectful behaviour towards my students by listening to their concerns, being polite, and encouraging them, and I will not except anything less in return. I have certain expectations regarding a positive climate in the class, and the students will be aware of them on the first day of class when given the syllabus.

To build trusting relationships, we will do team building exercises during the first few weeks of class and then again throughout the semester to maintain these relationships.
Adolescent Perspective
I believe in giving students a say in what they will be learning and to voice their perspectives. We will be following the curriculum, but I will be giving the students an opportunity to create activities
and routines that follow the requirements. An example is leading a game for the class and creating a dance routine. The need for control is evident at this age, and I want to make sure this need is met. This will give them the opportunity to explore what they are capable of and facilitate some of their own learning.

At the beginning of the semester, I will ask the students to write three of their favourite physical activities on a piece of paper and I will compile the results and do my very best to incorporate as many of the activities I can. I want students to have fun and do things they enjoy while learning the curriculum!

While leading activities, I will pay careful attention to the cues the students are giving. If they are enjoying an activity, I will try and incorporate similar ideas to the next activity, and if they are not enjoying it, I will find a way to adapt the activity to ensure the students are comfortable and learning in the most beneficial way. It is important to provide a challenge for the students, so I will be mindful of individual skills and abilities when creating activities and think of alternatives to make the activity more challenging or easy if needed.

I will also be sensitive to their needs by having an open door policy. If there is ever an issue or they have a concern, they are more than welcome to come to with anything that they need help with.
In my physical education classes, I believe that a nurturing learning environment is the best kind for success. Adolescents are at a vulnerable stage in their physical development at this time in their schooling and I believe it is very important to create a safe place where they feel comfortable enough to explore their physical boundaries without the fear of failure. I think it is important to have a place where they can try new things without worrying about judgment from their instructor.

I want all my students to feel they are capable of doing whatever they put their minds to and I want to develop confidence that will benefit them in their everyday lives. I will be there for them every step of the way with support and encouragement for them to achieve their goals and increase their physical development!
Behaviour Management:
Love And Logic
The Love and Logic model is a model with "the premise that children are unique individuals and need to feel loved and respected." This model is extremely relevant to my classroom management beliefs as it includes teaching students "responsibility and respect with the expectation that if they feel loved and are provided with sufficient choices, they will become responsible citizens with appropriate behaviour. This is my main goal to manage behaviour and organizing my classroom. I hope that by showing the students I care for them and respect them, that they will treat me with respect and behave well in class, allowing for smooth transitions and an organized routine.
Behaviour Management
As P.E. is such an interactive class, I would really hate to see poor behaviour become an issue that would take away from
participation. At the beginning of the year I will set out my behaviour expectations for the class in the syllabus. I respect students thoughts and ideas, so if there is something they think needs negotiation, we can discuss it. I think that by setting out rules at the beginning of the semester, we can avoid behaviour issues in the future. I will make sure that I award positive behaviour so that students can self-regulate to act responsibly.
Instructional Learning
As motivation to love and want to participate in this course, I have a preview of learning formats I will be incorporating into class!
They include:

At this age, the adolescent brain is still developing. I am a huge believer in the influence exercise has on the human body and want to share this with my class! Check out this video by John Medina to see more on this brain rule!

I will share this information with my students so that they understand the importance that exercise has on their development and hopefully it will help motivate them to participate if they know the major impact it has on their future health.
Teacher Sensitivity

Lefrancois, G., & Newman, R. (2013). Psychology for Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

Medina, J. (n.d.). Exercise | Brain Rules |. Retrieved March 5, 2014, from http://brainrules.net/exercise

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Images from Google search engine found in Prezi program.
Welcome Parents to P.E. 10, 2014!

My name is Jaime Little, and I will be your child's Physical Education teacher this semester. I have created this presentation for you to look at so that you can get a better sense of what your child will be doing in the course this year and you can get to know what my beliefs, values, routines, and procedures are as a teacher. I believe it is important to have parent involvement and I invite you to be as involved as you would like! This year is going to be great!

As physical education is a physical class, I think it is very important to focus on individual abilities and successes. At the beginning of the semester, I will work with the students to decide what their individual goals are for the course so they have something to work towards. We will set S.M.A.R.T. goals. This means that the goals are:
To maximize class time, routines will be addressed at the beginning of the semester! By discussing my expectations with the students, they will know from the beginning what they are supposed to do at the beginning of class so that we can get started right away and ultimately give them more time to play! As I believe in a student-centered classroom, I am always open to their ideas on how they want things to be done. How much time is spent on changing, team building, drills, and games are all open to negotiation in my class!
Content Understanding
Analysis and Inquiry
Instructional Dialogue
I believe it is important to build onto
what students already know so there is
no unnecessary repetition in content. A way for me to measure this, is to see what
they have stored in their long-term memory at the start of each unit by asking them what they know already. If they already know the basic rules and skills, we can spend more class time on further developing the skills!
To promote higher order thinking in this course, I will provide opportunities for them to research strategies of the games we will be learning about. This is a major assignment, however they get to choose what game they want. They will then share why this strategy is important and will express their opinion with the class based on previous knowledge of the game. This will allow the students opportunities for metacognition because they will be explaining their cognitive process and reflecting on their thoughts.
After assignments have been completed, or assessment has occurred, I will provide proper feedback in a timely manner. I know how hard students work and I want to get their marks back as quickly as possible. During skill practice, I will give specific feedback so that they will know exactly what needs improvement. However, I will also give general feedback, like good job, to acknowledge their efforts in class. Encouragement and affirmation are key at this age for self-esteem and confidence building. Here is video describing different kinds of feedback I will use and when I would likely use it!

In my class, I will use dialogue that keeps the students engaged. I will try to relate class content to things they are interested in so that it is relevant to them. Keeping in tune with adolescent perspective, I really would like to give the students a chance to interact with their peers and keep a good balance between me talking and them participating. The assignments we will be working on this semester will foster this dialogue!
A lot of P.E. is based on student engagement and participation, so maintaining both is very important. Active teaching techniques will be utilized in class, specifically Project- Based Learning (http://www.edutopia.org/project-based-learning?gclid=CMug7cag6boCFQbNOgodChgAGQ)

If we come across issues with engagement, I will check in with the students and see if there are improvements that can be made, or if there are alternate things they would like to see being done in class. Voice and choice!
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