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Student Sustainability Fund

Introduction to the SSCH Student Sustainability Fund initiative, 2014

A. agbanna

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Student Sustainability Fund

Sustainability Fund

University of Hawai'i
1st Annual Sustainability in Higher Education Summit, 2013
The Student Sustainability Fund is an opportunity for students to create change on campuses across the University of Hawai'i System, and to make strides in our communities with a responsible approach to the future. This initial investment by students will fund projects and ideas that move our University forward on a path that provides for increased opportunity and institutional resilience. A small cost will afford the diverse and productive students of the University of Hawai'i campuses the collaborative outlet and confidence they need to meet the challenges of today.
Greening Our Campuses
Green buildings
Campus infrastructure
Student research
Paid internships
Native plant nursery
Divestment efforts
Habitat Restoration
Photovoltaic systems
Waste management
Recycling programs
Composting efforts
Rainwater harvesting
Bike programs
Water recycling & reuse
Student gardens
Sustainability events
Service projects
Environmental advocacy
All projects must
benefit campus and student life,
foster student leadership,
& have measurable outcomes.

Student Working Groups:
- Community Awareness
- Policy and Advocacy
Idea of Student Green Fees
Student Convergence, Planning Sessions
Second Annual Sustainability in Higher Education Summit, 2014
Hui Haumāna Mālama Hawai
The mission of SSCH is to cultivate a system of sustainable learning environments throughout Hawai
BOR passes Sustainability Policy (January 2014)
Kaua'i Community College organic garden used by students
Beekeeping at Ho'ouluwehi: The Sustainable Living Institute of Kaua'i
PV install at UH Maui College reduces campus CO2 approx. 177 pounds a day
Information Technology Center at UHM: LEED Silver Certified
Investing in Our Future
Student Green Fees
.1% Tuition Payment
Green Revolving Loan Fund
Administrative Match
Making it Happen
Grow Support
Outreach +
Must reflect that students really want and believe in a sustainable UH.
How will we show others the importance of sustainable efforts and the benefits of this initiative?
ie: survey, student forums, social media campaign
ie: petition, resolutions and testimony
Which campus groups, faculty or administrators can offer institutional knowledge and advice to implement this fund?
ie: Student Governments, CSOs, facilities staff, planning office, etc.
Students, clubs, departments and all allies can bring meaningful change to the institution when working together closely and strategically.
What is Your Vision for UH?
Funding Structure
Campus Voting Committee
One at each UH campus
Comprised of students and supportive admin.
Generate criteria for projects in line with campus vision, goals and needs
Call for project proposals
Evaluate submissions based on criteria
Choose projects that have most beneficial impact on campus
Employ long-term vision, meet short term goals, proliferate savings
Students have executive power in decision-making
Staff support = staying power, continuity, longevity
Fiscal Management
BOR Policy Chapter 6(c)(3): Ancillary and auxiliary service fees
To be determined by each individual campus staffing and offices
Mindfulness of legalities and UH + State bureaucracy
Flexibility: clear guidelines, efficient use, max benefit
Smart implementation = growth, accountability, and success of SSF
This Money Implements BOR Sustainability Policy
What's Next?
WHO: __________________
WHAT: __________________
BY WHEN: _______________
Think of ways you can spread awareness through outreach on your campus, and who your allies and advisors might be. Brainstorm all the resources available on campus and how you can put them into action.

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