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Cardboard Construction

No description

Lindsey Foushee

on 4 January 2015

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Transcript of Cardboard Construction

Cardboard Construction
Building Techniques
Slot Method
Adding Texture
Use the Corrugation
Sculpture Assignment
You may alone or with one partner. Choose one of the following ideas.
Bending & Scoring
*don't just cut one line, cut 2 lines the width of the piece you're inserting
*make sure bends are parallel with corrugation, not perpendicular
*peeling cardboard can go slowly- don't rush & leave it looking ragged
Tear the Edges
*besides having rough edge, you can also show different layers
You have until the end of the quarter to complete a cardboard sculpture using ONLY cardboard, white glue & hot glue, toothpicks, and newspaper.
The focus of the project is FORM and TEXTURE. If you have time, you may add paint details, but color is NOT the focus of this project.
3D Abstract
3D Realistic
Relief Sculpture: 2D Stacking
Relief sculptures are flat on the back and shaped on the front. Layer shapes cut from cardboard to create an image or topographical-type image.
Create a free-standing sculpture that shows good balance. Use shapes to build up a form that stands between 18" and 24" tall.
Create a free-standing sculpture of a real object. Use photos for reference. Think about how you can creatively create forms and use textures.
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