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Balancing Personal and Professional Life

A group presentation for Business and professional communication dealing with balancing personal and professional life from three perspectives

Kylea Spiker-Kugler

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Balancing Personal and Professional Life

Balancing a Professional Life and a Personal Life Kelvin Chan
Sami Jo Heitsch
Zachary McGrath
Kylea Spiker Female Perspective:
Balancing Professional and Personal Life Long working hours in Hong Kong Balancing a Professional life and a Personal life for all males starts at being at home with their families The roles that males play in a home now a days have changed dramatically in the past 50 years 22% of women now earn more than their husband

20.1 million women hold bachelor degrees compared to 18.7 million held by men More and more dads are becoming stay
at home dads

Males who have financial help from their wives
feel less stressed and are able to spend more time with family Creating boundary between your work life and personal is a very important strategy in maintaining a happy, healthy life style

Never let negative work problems affect you personal family life Incorporating positive working skills into your family relationship can be very beneficial for both your work life and personal family life Multitasking Time Management Goal Setting Organization *Role specialization
-mothers focused on family work
-fathers were responsible for "bringing home the bacon" Men who are able to balance work life with personal life will be happier and have stronger relationships Men are facing new expectations toward family and work *UC Hastings College of the Law
-90% of women report work-family conflict *Too much work? Not enough family?
*Too much family? Not enough work? Dads are reversing the stereo type role that has been expected from them

Spending more time with your family is always a good things *Consequences with a poor work life balance:
1. Fatigue
2. Lost time with friends and loved ones
3. Increased expectations *Tips to a better work life balance
1. Tracking your time
2. Taking advantages of your options
3. Learning to say no
4. Leaving work at work
5. Separate work time from personal time
6. Bolster your system
7. Nurture yourself *As a mom it is important to:

1. Let go of guilt
2. Find reliable child care You will then be able to focus and let go of any guilt Male Perspective:
Balancing Professional and Personal Life Multicultural
Balancing Professional and Personal Life Problems caused by long working hours Real Life Experience -Average working hours 48.8 hours
-22% higher than 40 recommended hours - 49% of employees have done overtime work
- 18% worked 10-20 hours overtime
- 6% worked an extra 20 hours of overtime *Physical problems *Psychological problems -49.3% have not time for family
-72.5% spend less than 2 hours on personal activities -Stress
-Lack of exercise
-Poor Diet
-General poor health Reasons for Long
Working Hours *"I cannot leave the office before my boss"
*"I do not want to be seen leaving the office first"
*"I have too much work to do" Derrick Chan from Hong Kong
-Graduated from Hong Kong Polytech University
-Auditor for 3 years
-Works from 9am-12am
-Challenge of balancing relationship and work Balancing Work and Family nearly 50 percent of families have two wage earners
Only one-fifth of families are the traditional breadwinner and homemaker structure Male Perspective
Female Perspective
International Perspective Three Perspectives Male Perspective
-Role changes
Female Perspective
-Experience Differences
International Perspective
-Hong Kong Working Conditions Don't be a Sheldon!
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