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5 Key rights and responsibilities of canadian citizenship

No description

Jason Liang

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of 5 Key rights and responsibilities of canadian citizenship

5 Key rights and
responsibilities of
Canadian Citizenship The Right
To Equality The Right To
Express Relgion The Responsibility
To Participate
in Voting Legal Rights The Responsibility to
eliminate discrimination
and injustice 1 2 3 4 5 Although males and
females look different
on the outside, they are
are no different on the
inside and are able to
do everything equally This picture show that
equality should always
happen and should not stop. In this picture the quote, "Defend Equality, Love Unites" means that when equality does not stop and people do their part to ensure it happens, so that love unites. Everyone should know what they are allowed to do by the law and what they aren't allowed to do. People have the right to have fair
treatment ( "not to be given cruel or
unreasonable punishment" ) until proven
guilty Similar to the, "no smoking" sign, this picture
shows that Discrimination is not allowed. In this picture all colours are
united except the black. This
is an example of discrimination. The picture replaced the V in Vote with a check mark
symbolizing that voting is the right thing to do People complain on things
that they don't and in this
picture it says that if you
don't vote, don't complain.
Voting allows for a person to
give their opinion on
something that is wanted or
changed This picture shows many different types of religion.
Regardless of someones religion, they should be able
to express it and show it. Many people were killed in the two towers incident.
People should be able to express their religion and
not have this or worse as a consequence
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