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Suspense: The Magic of Three

No description

Patrick Williams

on 3 December 2018

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Transcript of Suspense: The Magic of Three

A sense of suspense is what hooks the reader and moves the story into the main event. If the main character is worried the reader may become worried as well! The reader will continue to read the story to relieve the tension created by suspense. Suspense does not have to be scary - suspense can create tension or anticipation.
Just then
I heard a peculiar
rustling sound
in the underbrush. I slowed down and glanced into the bushes. The sound stopped and I didn't
notice anything out of the ordinary
I shrugged
and walked on.

A moment later
I caught a
of something moving off behind the trees. I froze and peered into the darkness. Again,
I didn't see a thing
. Feeling uneasy,
I turned back to the path and began to walk
more quickly.

Without warning
ground began to tremble
. I spun around and gasped. I found myself facing what could only have been
Big Foot himself!

Can you identify the red flag word/ phrase?
Can you identify the the sensory hint?
Can you identify character dismissing the hint? How about the revelation?
We are going to work through our suspense booklet:

1. We will complete the red flag word worksheet.

2. Skip find the suspense and turn to: The Magic of Three - complete both sides

3. Turn to Building Suspense and do not complete both sides - pick one and use the magic of 3 to build suspense.

I will give you some time to complete each worksheet and before you move to the next one we will cover it.
The Magic of 3
The magic of 3 is another tool you will have available. It is a way to establish suspense. The magic of three is initiated by a red flag word/phrase. It is then followed by 3 sensory hints which are dismissed. Lastly you are lead to a revelation or a discovery.

1. You
something. You look. its nothing you keep moving on.

2. You
something faint. Again, you try to find out what it is, but it is nothing unusual. You start to worry.

3. You
something touch you. You turn. You find out what it is.
by: Mr. Williams
Suspense: The Magic of Three
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