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Lessons 65 and 66

No description

Larissa Beckstead

on 3 December 2017

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Transcript of Lessons 65 and 66

Lessons 65 and 66

Measure and write metric measures of length as decimal numbers. Convert units of length in the metric system.

Math 4 Today
Metric Prefixes
Metric Units
Metric units of length in increasing order:
Each unit is 10 times the unit above it. Or each unit is 1/10 the unit below it.
Example 1
Forty centimeters is how many decimeters?
How many millimeters equal 4 decimeters?
Example 2
Eduardo measure his height using a meterstick. He was 1 meter plus 35 centimeters tall. What was Eduardo's height in meters?
Measure Items
Item 1: height of the door:

Item 2: width of the door:

Item 3: height of desk:

Item 4: length of math book:
Foldable: What's It Equal To?
8 mm

8 cm

8 m

8 km
Example 3
.15 m= _____ cm

.123 m = _____ mm
Example 4
.15 m .123 m

.075 m .1 m

.15 m .075 m

.150 m .15 m
Example 5
Write the length of this segment.
a. as a number of millimeters
b. as a number of centimeters
Example 6
To what decimal number is the arrow pointing?
Lesson Practice
a) Which of these is the most reasonable measurement for the length of an automobile?
a) 4.5 meters b) 4.5 decimeteres
c) 4.5 centimeters d) 4.5 millimeters
b) Alonso is 1 meter plus 43 centimeters tall. Use a decimal number to write Alonso's height in meters.

c) A ruler is about 30 centimeters long. About how many decimeters long is a ruler?

Page 420
The length of a sticky note measures 77 millimeters. Express this length in meters. Explain your thinking. Include an equation with an exponent in your explanation.

1) Write an expression for 2) Write <, >, or = to make the
the calculation the
sum of the
statement true.
products of 4 and 3 and 1 and 1.
16.272 1.672

3) 824 x 34= 4) Find the area of the rectangle.
3/10 ft.

5 ft.

2.638 m = ______________ mm 2.638 x 10= 2,638
7 cm = ______________ m
39 mm = _______________ m
0.08 m = ______________ mm
0.005 m = _____________ cm
Yi Ting’s height is 1.49 m. Express this measurement in millimeters. Explain your thinking. Include an equation wiht an exponent in your explanation.
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