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Litter Control

No description

Casey Sheridan

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of Litter Control

Litter. Its bad. Definition: Waste that is unlawfully disposed of outdoors Types of Litter Percentage Fast food waste 33 paper 28 29 6 2 2 Aluminum Glass plastic other HOw long does it take to decompose? Object Decomposition time styrofoam container 1 million years Plastic jug 1 million years aluminum can 200-500 years Diaper 550 years leather shoe 45 years wool sock 1 year paper bag 1 month banana peel 3-4 weeks Why do people Litter? People are too lazy to dispose of trash properly. They don't care... They think others will pick it up. OR!
They are not even aware they are littering! This NEEDS to be stopped.
Awareness of littering and the effects of littering can help substantially. Consequences of Littering. First of all, money is wasted because of the extented amount of garbage men that are hired to clean up the trash...which means more TAXES!!! Also, its hazardous to health. Varmin and bacteria gather in places where trash is. Also, broken glass and sharp objects are involved too. Which is not good at all. Its also harmful to wildlife, animals can eat it, by mistaking it for food and choke and die. Lastly, it makes the area we live in look bad.
We all want to be proud of our towns and cities and trash isn't something we want other people seeing everywhere. So, how can we prevent litter? Keep a litter bag in your car at all times. Don't just walk by litter on the street. Pick it up and throw it away in the nearest trash can. Rag on your friends and family the next
time you see them litter and tell them that
its more harmful to the environment than
they think. Report littering to the authorities when you see it.
Knowing the laws and regulations of littering in your
area will help too.
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