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debt solutions

No description

justus eldred

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of debt solutions

debt solutions kade's solutions justus' soulutions to justify the debt crisis justus' solutions to justify us debt justus' solutious n to justify justus' soulution to justify the us debt crisis .54 pros:
you can grow your own food to eat
you are basically your own boss
you get to be outside a lot
children can work after age 9(helps build character)
you can be healthier cons:
not many breaks/vacations
bad weather (droughts,tornado
no steady income
dangerous equitment pros and cons of balanced budget amendment pros:
*stop run a way spending
*will help solve fiscal crisis.
*General statements in favor of balanced budget amendment cons:
* gives govt power to run-up deficits
*Balanced budget Amend violates intended flexibility of Constitution
*would create Constitution crisis/ court battle with each budget my idea is to help the u.s debt crisis is to build buildings tallerso that we could put more people into buildings, if we do that then yes we would go a little deeper into the debt but we would then come out of it because more people will have jobs and then more people will pay taxes. build taller buildings the us secretary of tresuary louis navelliersays that the soulution is forgiveness. other counties expesially europe should forgive a large amount of the us debt, because of all the (free) global defense the us has given the world oer thelast 95 years. the us has forgived other countries debt expesially europe. we have resuced europe from the german aggresiontwice and protected them from the soviet expansion. even the chinnee have reasons to forgive our debt because wehelped the rival russia forgive the us debt started around before we left to get to America because we had to pay to get the boats to get her,the food, and other supplies. we also payed back most of the money. then again in 2006 when the house markets crashed from greedy banks that gave people loans that they knew that they could not pay off. secretary of labor ciations
shena smith(degree in econamics)
podhoretz, John ebscohost.com we must learn to forgive the past to look foward to the future to get over a mountian you must not stumble over the pebbles to build a mountian you must start with only a pebble secretary of tresuary
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