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Learning Journey Charity Presentation

Plan Canada - By Amna, Yusra, Iman and Mikailan

Amna Malik

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Learning Journey Charity Presentation

take your time About Plan Canada Non-profit, community development organization Founded in 1937 by John Langdon Davies in Spain One of the largest international development agencies, helping over 50 countries. Work is based around these core ares: Health, water and sanitation, economic security, child participation, emergencies Plan's Dream: A world where all children can say they grew up safe, in communities that supported them. Transparency Has a reputation for being responsible and effective. Trust, transparency, accountability are all paramount. Annual reviews, financial statements, recent projects up-to-date and publicly available Post their expenditures through Charity Intelligence Canada. Top performer in the One World Trust About "Plan Canada" Significant Impact 2012-Made a change in the lives of 174.2 million people. Transparency Has a reputation for being responsible and effective. Posts annual reviews, recent projects and financial statements. Top performer in the "One World Trust" report. Use of Funds Spend funds carefully and wisely. Sense of Urgency In emergencies, Plan makes sure that children's rights are respected. In 2012, Plan responded to the emergency situation in the Sahel region of Africa by: emergency food distribution supported health clinics built showers/latrines Worked with UNICEF to operate camp schools Plan's response to these situations helped children become effective planners. Plan-75 years old Marketability To Conclude... Charity is about improving the lives of others. Plan saves the lives of children to create a future for them, and to give them a chance. Founded in 1937 by John Langdon-Davies. Works in over 50 developing countries. And You. Work is based around: distributing food; supporting health clinics; building showers and latrines; working with UNICEF to operate refugee camp schools. About "Plan Canada" 14% of expenditures go to fund raising. Promotes their "Because I Am A Girl" movement through videos on their website. Uses the NACC to advertise. Uses social networking sites as a cost-efficient method of communication. It all starts with one child. Child centered, community development. kljklkjl There are over 3 billion people who live off less than $2.50 a day. Nearly 22,000 children die each day, due to poverty. 870 million people worldwide suffer from malnutrition. Plan to change the world. And You. And You.
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