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The Effect Of Air Pressure on how far a soccer ball can go

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Mohammad Nouri

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of The Effect Of Air Pressure on how far a soccer ball can go

when we did the experiment the weather was sunny and there was no precipitation and it was not windy at all.
Hypothesis: If the air pressure increases then the distance will be further
What happens when we add more air pressure to the ball
When you’re adding air to a ball, you are also adding more air molecules. Adding air molecules will increase the number of collisions between the molecules and the inside of the ball. The result is increased air pressure. The greater the air pressure, the less the ball will deform when it hits the ground and the higher it will bounce and when we hit it with power, it will go further because of the bouncing.
What are the materials we need ?

1: soft soccer ball

2: air pump

3: staring line

4: tape measure

First One person stands behind the line and kicks a soft ball from behind the line.
The Effect of air pressure in the ball on the distance it goes.
The experiment should be repeated for three times and each time we should measure
The experiment should be repeated for three times and each time we should measure
The effect of air pressure on how far a soccer ball can go
+ 5 times pumped
+ 10 times pumped
+ 15 times pumped
Independent variable: how big the ball is with its air pressure inside.
The Dependent Variable: the distance ball goes.
Constants: The same ball, same kicker, same shooting line, same place and weather
The experiment will be repeated 3 times.
Procedure steps
Then Measure the distance to where the ball first touches the ground.
And then we repeat this two times.
Then we Pump the ball 5 times.
after that we Kick the ball three times and measure.
Then we Pump the ball 5 more times.
Finally we Kick the ball for three times and measure how far it goes.
Made By Mohammad and Byron
Byron kicking the ball and Mohammad measuring how far it goes.
Size 3
0 pumps 18 m 19 m 19 m
+5 pumps 20 m 20 m 25 m
+10 pumps 20.8 m 19 m 21 m
+15 pumps 18 m 25 m 18 m
Audio Part By Mohammad
Byron explaining and talking about our experiment.
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