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My Goals

Goal Setting; counseling 151

Emily Alarcon

on 8 July 2013

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Transcript of My Goals

My Goals
by emily alarcon
couseling 151
Long-range career goal:
My long range career goal is to obtain an occupation as a Lawyer or Paralegal.
Present short-range career goal:
My short-range goal that I hope to achieve in 1-5 years is to get accepted and graduate from a UC with a BA.
I look forward to majoring in English or Political Science, maybe even Philosophy, so that I can become a lawyer or work as a paralegal.
I value family, education, trust, as well as justice.
This career would allow me to maybe help families, educate people, have trust with any clients and hopefully bring justice.
Personal Strengths:


work with others

expressive (artistically or verbally)


critical thinker
Personal weaknesses:


lack of confidence

over thinker


Favorable external conditions related to career choice:
Lawyers are very much needed.


Aunt that is a paralegal
Unfavorable external conditions related to career choice:
Need experience

Lack of funds for law school

Need 5-7 years of boring school
Strategies to Reach Goal:
Talk to my counselor about necessary classes, volunteering, etc.
Obtain an internship in a law office
Get my BA and go to law school
Work to get myself through all of this school and life.
Resources available to help reach goal:
Access to lawyers and paralegals

Programs to help pay for school
Alternative short-range career goals that would be equally satisfying:
Becoming an assistant to a lawyer.
Getting a degree to become a teacher or counselor.
Going to practice culinary arts.
Getting into an art program.
Training needed to enter this career alternative:
Changing majors to get a teaching degree.

Attending a school specially for culinary

Attending an institute that would allow me to practice my art.
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