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whitfield :)


Ashley Whitfield

on 12 October 2010

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Transcript of whitfield :)

Oh hai. My names Ashley Whitfield. I LOVE music. I listen to A LOT
of different genres. like.. too many to list :) But some of my favourite
artists are.. NeverShoutNever!
(Christofer Drew Ingle) Jason Derulo Sam Adams Super Mash Bros. He Is We. Blackout Crew Hollywood Undead My favourite Sports
to play/watch are.. Soccer Hockey Football Wakeboarding My birthday is
February 15th My Friends My friends and I,
speak in British accents
to annoy people on Mainstreet
Unionville. I spend more time at
my friends houses than I
do at my own. My mom thinks of some
of my friends are like
family. We spend our Friday nights
in the weirdest way possible We get lost in downtown Toronto
together.. (atleast once every summer) We mission from Markville
to St.Augustine just to see
5 people. Some of my best friends are. Christian Sgroi Daniel De Paola Joseph Masellis
(bee boy) Ryan Wilson Amanda Smith Sarah Empey Jenny Robson Aaren Neufeld And I trust all the people
with my life, pretty much.
no biggie though ;) Random Facts When I was in Pre K,
I fell off the jungle gym
and I had to go to the hospital.
I did this 3 times I really like soy milk The 3 websites I use the
most are my formspring, facebook,
and youtube. www.formspring.me/ashleywhitfield I know too many people
in Markham for my own good. Girls from Catholic schools
AWLAYS start drama with me. I made peace with all
the girls who talked about me
behind my back. And I have two golden
retrievers. ones 4 years, the other
is 4 months So uh.. yeah Done :) I'm Canadian & British I go to Quebec every summer,
so I guess I'm pretty decent at
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