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SIOP Model Presentation

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Valerie Howard

on 20 March 2011

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Transcript of SIOP Model Presentation

SIOP Model Key Components

1) Preperation
2) Building Background
3) Comprehensible Input
4) Strategies
5) Interaction
6) Practice/Application
7) Lesson Delivery
8) Review/Assessment Making Content Comprehensible for ELLs Benefits of SIOP *Enables ELL students to access the regular academic curriculum. *May extend the time students have to receive support in learning a second language. By: Valerie Howard, Jen Masters & Terresa Myrmo Interaction Is Important Comprehensible Input Comprehensible Input:
􀂃 Speak appropriately to accommodate students’ proficiency level
􀂃 Clearly explain academic tasks
􀂃 Use a variety of techniques to make content concepts clear Modeling Hands-on Visuals Gestures Interaction:
Provides frequent opportunities for interaction and discussion
Groups students to support language and content objectives
Consistently affords sufficient wait time Strategies Anticipation/Reaction Guide T-Chart Venn Diagram Progressive Maps Strategies:
Consistently use scaffolding techniques throughout lesson
Employ a variety of question types 3 4 5 2 Preparation
Carefully plans for the lesson
Clearly states the content and language objectives for students
Uses supplementary materials, meaningful activities, and adapts content for all levels of student proficiency
1 Building Background When building background concepts are explicity linked to students background experiences. Also be sure to teach and emphasize the vocabulary. 6 Practice/Application Hands-on materials and/or manipulatives for students to practice using new content knowledge Provides activities for students to integrate all language skills 7 8 Lesson Delivery Content and language objectives are clearly supported by the lesson delivery.
Lesson pacing is appropriate for the age and learning level of the students.
Students are engaged in the lesson at least 90% of the time. Review / Assessment Comprehensive review of key vocabulary and concepts Regular feedback to students on their output
Assessment of student comprehension and learning
throguhout the lesson based on all lesson objectives.
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