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No description

Dennis Warren

on 3 April 2012

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Transcript of Braz-Tesol:Writing

Writing in the Web 2.0 Galaxy Dennis Warren
Cultura Inglesa Curitiba

goo.gl/mvfxi Blended Learning in Writing:
Rationale 1. Group & Level
2. Tools
3. Process
4. Result
5. Next steps
6. Widening the discussion CPE:
Proof of exceptional English ability

Level C2 of CEFR

work at upper-managerial level in international business settings
study at postgraduate level. Certificate of Proficiency in English

University of Cambridge CPE Blended Learning in Writing:
Organisation Group/Level Next Steps Results Process Tools Etherpad (typewith.me)
Wiki (wikispaces) Collaborative Marking Markin Further Uses? Reading

Use of English
Speaking Writing 2 hours
2 pieces of writing
300-350 words
letter, article, proposal report, review, essay familarisation
typewith.me standardisation writing revising brainstorming
planning feedback task drafting marking conventions
wiki-based homework typewith.me I’ve been extremely disappointed in the way in which my son has been let down by a narrow-minded attitude towards his education. His strengths lie in practical areas, but he has to study academic subjects. Surely there is no place in the modern world for outdated subjects like history? Should they not be replaced by useful vocational training such as accountancy – and by life skills? I for one resent the time and money spent on teachers and would rather see more facilities and training for the modern world. You have read the extract below, which is part of a letter sent to the local newspaper. You decide to write a proposal to put to the school authorities, making suggestions about how the curriculum and facilities could be improved.
(300-350 words) Ss had link to plan
drafted at home
transferred to wiki each S assigned another's work
commented on wiki discussion
based on comments 1. Process vs Product
2. Collaboration vs. Individual Think about your own teaching situation.

In what way(s) could you use an etherpad or wiki (or both) in your work?

What problems can you think of in implementing your ideas?

Can your neighbours come up with further ideas/solutions? rolling programme of planning/writing/rewriting for my own group

create school-wide project for other Ts in my school to use with their groups Negatives Positives technical
familiarity increased understanding of requirements
explicit awareness of planning processes
greater range of feedback Thank You!
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