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Mus 304

Giuseppe Miranda

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of 2Pac

2Pac Life in California Trapped Dear Mama Jail & Platinum Bailout & Death Row Death/Legacy Mother drug addict- sent to Marin City
Did not graduate in Baltimore
Stepfather 60 years armed robbery
Selling drugs on the streets
True Rap interest took off
'89 "Strictly Dope"
"Digital Underground"
"2Pacalypse Now"- "Trapped" (19) Oppressive life as a Thug
Dehumanizing harassment by police
Racial Profiling
Lack of prison rehabilitation Released 2 more albums
Jail 1-4 years
Released "Me Against The World"
"Dear Mama" Resonates with many in single parent households
69% black children
No father to look up to
turned to "thugs" & "drugs"
Appreciation for his mother and all mothers who sacrifice for children w/o help After 8 months, bailed out by Suge Knight
1.4 million
Bailout in exchange for Death Row Records commitment
Produced two albums under label
Association w/ Knight led to heightened East Coast v. West Coast Feuds
Biggie & Diddy Killed on drive back to hotel after a Mike Tyson fight
Southside Crips
Cali. bodyguards for Biggie (Tupac Bloods)
Tupac Influences:
truthfully represented the disenfranchised
intellectual, political figure, folk hero
large contribution to the “enduing and unyielding battle waged by African Americans against racism and injustice”
challenged white supremacy, discrimination, and other injustices in the black community
A rapper for the people who spoke of relavnt issues that many would not address
taboo Born Lesane Parish Crooks
June 16th 1971
Tupac Amaru
Mom Black Panther
Grew up in NYC
Move To Baltimore -15
Active in Community-Campaigns
Baltimore School for the arts
Early Beginings as MC New York Tupac Shakur
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