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Future Technology


Li J Cheung

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Future Technology

Future Technology Transport There will soon be a car
that can convert friction
to energy. It will be called
the Toyota Link. There soon will be a
transport that has three
different modes. It is
called the Mo-Du-Lo Car. The monocycle that is a one-man
vechicle, it has no motor instead
it has pedals like a unicycle. The Mo... The Du.. The Du version comprises the basic
form of the car that houses two
riders and the ability to attach two
Mo’s to become a six-wheel car The Lo... The Lo version comes out with
a shape of a train by attaching
many Du’s and Mo’s, creating a
more suitable long distance
commuting vehicle with the
pooled motors and batteries of
all cars. That was the Mo-Du-Lo Thank You For Watching!
;D ;] xD :p :3 Gadgets The Cube Browser The Cube Browser has six functional
screens that provides a playful way
to view image collections online. Cube browser reduces the limitation
of sitting in front of a computer screen
and operating through mouse or
keyboard, instead it gives the convenience
of turning page by turning the cube
itself onto space in a more interactive
way. With Cube Browser, viewing images
from sites like flickr.com will become
easier than ever through its intuitive
digital screens and easy operating.
Tribon by FrogDesign Tribon's concept is a vision of future technology
to be influenced with shape ideas of community
and tribalism, self-awareness, education, trust and
global citizenship. The idea of Tribons concept is
based on a lightweight and powerful computer
system that connects kids with their friends and
family, therefore providing emotional support to
those who are living anonymously in different
places because of the recent mobility. The Toyota Link allows you to connect
to a network of friends once you've hit
the road. You can also choose to link
up with a buddy to share life commute,
exchange music or just to map out your
next stop.
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