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Lo on the Go

No description

Fernanda G

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of Lo on the Go

Shoe Store:
Fernanda Guimaraes Concept: Original shoes' designs
featuring unique patterns,stones,
applications and personalization.
Mission: To incorporate a new concept of design
within the market - i want to motivate people to be
unique! Originality must be celebrated!!! Vision: To become a well known company/business
and to become a top choice within my target market -
spreading stores nationwide. Features & Benefits:
Store Facilities
Competition: Online Research -
The Nine West Group Inc
The Stride Ride Corp.
In my perspective -
Christian Louboutin
Fernando Pires
Christian Dior

Target Market: My target audience
rests amongst Female with age
range in between 17 - 50.
Income higher than $ 60,000 yearly. NEED vs. WANT Primary Research: When handing out surveys
and talking to people, i found out that:
My target audience is willing to pay more
for a product if its personalized.
Quality is VERY important.
The right approach to the customer is key. T.M. thinks Design Quality

PRICE Industry Analysis:
Industry Ratios 2007 2002
Total shipments (Mil $) 353 244
Shipments per establishment ($000) 5,782 2,935
Shipments per employee ($) 99,352 60,996
Shipments per $ of payroll ($) 3.87 2.66
Annual payroll per employee ($) 25,671 22,923
Employees per establishment 58 48
Shipments per capita ($) 1.22 0.89
Establishments per million residents 0.2 0.3
TOTAL of 300,000 Stores throughout the country. Conclusion: With such immense competition
and variety of products within the market, it will
be hard to stand out. However, i am confident in
my vision and differential concept. Any Questions? Thank You.
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