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Learn about airsoft

A prezi with introductory information about airsoft guns.

spencer koo

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Learn about airsoft

Double click anywhere & add an idea What is airsoft? where does it come from? whats the game about? how do they work? what are the costs? by spencer koo The origin Airsoft originats from japan in the late 70's
when it was illegal to own fire arms it spread to other countrys
where guns were illegal in early 2000 it started to become popular in the united states and soon spread to canada this one looks like a
hot glue gun what types are there? How they work airsoft guns like the one left are all propelled
by a motor or cylinder that ultamitly pushs the
bb out off the gun with air.
although all guns use air to fire the bb
the way the air is compressed and released is
different ways. some use a spring that needs to be
manually compressed for every shot.
Others use air sealed in a contaner and inserted into the gun as a means to get air, this methed is popular because no manual compression and the guns are usually
semi- automatic. the last and most widely use style is A.E.G or auto-electric-guns, there powered by motors that compress the piston so all A.E.G's are fully automatic.
The expenses and Varieties the expenses or airsoft vary depending on the kind of air soft you buy.
for instance, if you bought a spring powered airsoft it might cost 20-100 dollars for a spring rifle and 10-60 dollars. gas pistols usually cost about 200-300 dollars, and 450-600 dollars for rifles. Electric guns cost about 200-550 dollars for rifles and 150-300 for pistols. The game The game of airsoft varies. Most games consist of ether a
objective based game, or a game of death match/team death match.
There are no real rules of airsoft, the rules are usually decided
before the game. Airsoft uses the honor system, mainly because
theres no way to tell if your shots hit a person. The honor system
meens that you go out when your shot because you know you
were, cheating would be easy but rarely happens because as the rule
suggests its all about honesty.
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