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Emiel... who me?

Social media

Emiel van Wegen

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Emiel... who me?

Some other activities
ANKO - bestuurslid NL Kappersbond

NIMA B - examinator Social Media

Jury-lid NL content marketing Awards
Yep! Seems quite a lot, but hey, it's all in my spare - time!
Did I mention my husband has the best hair salon in Amsterdam? ...
So you want to know me better...?
Shall I start to present myself?
Let's add some professional flavour and see what's out there about me online!

Born a long time ago (1971)
Married, no kids
Living in Amsterdam...
... but we lived in Spain for two years
I like to travel (a lot!)
... mostly to cities (a true Cosmopolitan)
all of my in-laws live on the tropical island of Curaçao (in the Dutch Carribean)
So I try to go there once a year...
I especially like the Carribean Carnival...
and enjoy dancing (including Salsa and I can be found at the MSD Gym during Zumba).
I am somewhat engaged in Politics...
I started the Curaçao Political Compass (online kieswijzer)
I enjoy music in general, but right now I am listening a lot to...:
Cheryl Cole
the Ting Tings
Charlie Winston
Other than than, I go to the cinema, and enjoy the occassional Movie, (sometimes Downloaded) or TV series (Veep, Newsroom, Breaking Bad, How to get away with Murder ....)
You want to know more...?
Online Videos...?
...of me...?

No! No videos please ...
... but I think now at InSites that will change soon ;-)
I am thrilled to be the
Conversation manager
Conversation manager?
Bye now!
Bye now!
I can always go to the mountains when I am older :-p
"... I would never want to have another hairdresser again..."
Click these links to see even more of me...
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