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Claude Monet

No description

Wissam Alkhatib

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of Claude Monet

Claude Monet
Claude Monets art medium was an oil pastel paint brush.
Claude Monets subject matter was light. If he added light, the painting would stand out more.
And it would look more realistic. Including the shadow.
Claude Monet
Born-November 14 1840
Death-December 5th 1926
Claude Monet lived in Paris,France
Claude Monet was the eldest son of Adolph Monet. Claude Monet love to spend his childhood at the beach when his family moved for his dads ship-chandlering and grocery store buisness. Monets first success as an artist came when he was 15,with the sale of caricatures that were carefully observed and drawn. His aunt Marie-Jeanne was an amateur artist and suggested Claude to study art with a local artist. Claude had learned alot and was on his way to becoming an artist.
Claude Monet knew Eugene Boudinand and Johann Bathold Jongkind.
Claude Monet faced many obstacles. People were not used to blurry insistent colors.Claude Monet wanted to capture the play of light. To do this he wanted to use the colors you do not normally use.
Claude was the first to apply theories of impressionism.
Claude Monet was discovered by his art work and his impressionism show.
Claude Monets period/style of art was impressionism.
You can see Claude Monets art work at a museum.
Claude Monets element of art was color,detail,and light.
Claude Monets principle of art was texture.
Cristain Velasquez- Checker of the project

Wissam Alkhatib- Researcher

Tyler Sanfilippo- Song choser

Serkan Tabaru- founder of the pictures


Group Name
The Monet group
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