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Ancient Greek Sports

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Bo Felch

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Ancient Greek Sports

Ancient Greek Sports
Ancient Greek Sports
Chariot races
• discus
• javelin
• jump
• running
• wrestling
Age & Gender Requirements
To compete in the ancent Olympic games the athlete must be at least 16 years old. Only free males were allowed to compete regardless of their social status. Married women were not allowed to participate nor watch the Olympics, but non married women were only allowed to watch.
Ancient Olympics
The first Olympics took place in 776 B.C.The ancient Olympics like the modern Olympics were a series of athletic events. The Olympics were held in honor of Zeus. When the athletes competed they were completly naked. When an athlete won they were not given a medal but an olive branch.
Ancient Olympic Boxing
•No holds or wrestling
•Any type of blow with the hand was allowed but no gouging with the fingers
•No ring was used
•There were no rounds or time limits
•Victory was decided when one fighter gave up or was incapacitated
•No weight-classes, opponents were selected by chance

Olympic Chariot Racing
There was both 4 horse and 2 horse races. When the race was over not the rider, but the owner gets the olive branch. This is because only the wealthy can afford to pay a rider and take care of horses.
Olympic Pankration
It was a combat sport introduced into the Greek Olympic Games in 648 BC and founded as a blend of boxing and wrestling but with scarcely any rules. The only things not acceptable were biting and gouging of the opponent's eyes.
Olympic Pentathlon
Five events were competed over one day, starting with the long jump, javelin throw, and discus throw, followed by the stadion (a short foot race) and wrestling. Pentathletes were considered to be among the most skilled athletes, and their training was often part of military service—each of the five events was thought to be useful in battle.
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