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Copy of Marketing Group Assignment

Everything EMO

Nick Jebrail

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Marketing Group Assignment

The Emo Marketing Mix Product Branding Price Promotion Place Potential Competitors Direct Indirect Environemtal Factors Demographic Technological Political Economic Cultural Integrated Marketing
Communication Tools Today the emo tribe is usually associated among teens where they are heavily influenced with music, movies and fashion. Emo is known for its more emotional state of mind. Instead of the anger hard-core way of expressing one-self, Emo has taken a new role in the twentieth century of expressing themselves. They are known for being emotional, self-harming and suicidal. Various themes associated with the emo subculture include:
•dark colours (black + red)
These themes are brought to the fore as a result of the individual’s negative state of mind, and also as a way of expressing their feelings and frustrations. Themes Hair Fashion Emo’s are generally classified as being 14 to 29 year-old (male or females), who attempt to be different through their lifestyles and ways of dressing. Ethnicity is not a factor as the emo subculture is based on people’s emotional state. The majority of emo’s live in highly populated cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. Emo’s are heavily influenced through movies and music which involve themes of suicide and killing. Movies such as Twilight and The Vampire Diaries contain dark themes of murder and blood-shed. Movies + Music Technology is having a huge effect, as it has contributed to woe-is-me of Emo’s. The ‘Dye-Straight’ straightener is based on the latest technology as it contains both a hair straightener and a hair-dying tool. Consumers are looking for products that are ease of use through its portability and that contain many functions/benefits in the one product such as the iPhone. The Emo fashion is also recognized for its hairstyles. The most common look is the smooth, flat straight hair swept to the side, sometimes covering one or both eyes. Having the straight flat hair is a key aspect to having the so-called “emo” hair, which is usually dyed black. Other colours, such as blue, pink, red, or bleached blond, are also typical as highlights in emo hairstyles. Political forces such as government regulations will impact our product as it is in the shape of a knife. Although it attracts our target market it can be deemed as being harmful or dangerous. Governments can influence the price set for our product through price ceilings or price floors. Emo’s are generally classified as teens meaning most have a reasonable amount of disposable income, as the majority are still living with their parents and don’t have many debts or bills to pay. Our product is a unique middle of the line product that caters to the needs of the tribe at a reasonable price. The main factors that affect the demand for our product are shifts in secondary cultural values and people’s view of themselves. Cultural changes can be influenced by views of music groups and celebrities. As a result they have a major influence on the hairstyling, clothing and overall fashion style of the emo subculture. These external influences will affect the demand for our product. - Other hair straighteners
- Hair dying products - Hairdressers/Hair Salons
- Hair gels and creams Dye-Straight The typical fashion style for an emo consists of wearing skinny (tight) jeans, having a variety of piercings and wearing studded clothing. The coloured clothing normally associated with the emo subculture fashion is black and red (anything dark). This type of coloured clothing and fashion style reinforces the public’s view of the themes associated with this subculture including self harm. ‘Dye-Straight’, a hair straightener that can also dye your hair. When the device is in hair colour mode the electric cord can be detached, making it portable. With the push of a button, the irons flip back and you can then dye your hair. Hair colouring can be inserted into the device and tells you the exact amount left inside. Product design:
-Shape of a knife.
-Colours include Red and Black.
-Patterns include skulls and bones. The name of our brand and product is ‘Dye-Straight’ this title identifies the themes associated with Emo’s:
-Self harm
Also describes the products functions. The logo is also going to be in the shape of a knife which also directly relates to the Emo themes. The price for our hair dying straightener would be mid to high range as it will match other high end straighteners for quality and also offers the extra feature of being able to dye your hair. This feature will help to give our product a competitive advantage over major competitors. Forms of promotion include:
- Online promotion (through social media e.g. facebook/YouTube)
- Advertising (movies e.g. twilight, TV shows e.g. true blood)
- Celebrity endorsements from members of Emo bands. Mostly situated in low socio-economic areas. This product would be best suited to be sold in a global market place.
- Distributing this product online through sites such as AdoreBeauty offers a wider range of potential customers.
- Placing the product in hair cosmetic retail stores will be a great way to target consumers. As part of our marketing strategy we have decided that we will be handing out coupons and having various advertisement posters for our new product at emo music festivals. This will generate an interest in our product as the venues these coupons and advertisements will be targeted at emos specifically. Coupons and Advertisement
at Emo Music Festivals Placing videos online and during movie previews. These videos will demonstrate what our product does, how to use it and where our product is available in stores. This strategy allows us to reach the emo subculture on a much wider level. Internet sites we will look to have these advertisement videos include music festival website, band websites, YouTube etc. We could potentially experience an increase in sales if the average person takes an interest in our product if the Internet advertisement reaches enough people. Advertisement at Movies
and on the Internet The Dye-Straight straightener with hair dying function Product
(continued) Emo Tribe References Armstrong, G, Adam, S, Denize, S & Kotler, P 2012, Principles of marketing, 5th edn, Pearson Education Australia, Frenchs Forest, NSW.
Emo definition n.d., viewed May 1st 2013, <http://www.emo-corner.com/what-is-emo/>.
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What does emo mean? 2008, viewed May 1st 2013, <http://www.whatdoesthatmean.com/what-does-emo-mean/>. Jimmy Aleksandroff
Nicholas Jebrail
Stephen Kartawira
Patrick Lee
Jordan Mulder Wednesday 11-12
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