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Flattener 10

No description

marissa kirkland

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Flattener 10



Steroid 1

Steroid 2

Steroid 3
Steroid 4
Steroid 5
Steroid 6
"I call certain new technologies the steroids because they are amplifying and turbocharging all the other flatteners." (p. 187)

There are four ways the steroids do what they do
All analog content and processes are being digitized and therefore can be shaped, manipulated, and transmitted over computers, Internet, satellites, or fiber-optic cable
Thanks to wireless technology, all of this can be done from anywhere, with anyone, through and device, and can be taken anywhere

Process of shaping, manipulating, and transmitting this digitized content can be done easily at very high speeds
Can be done by you, just for you, on your own device
computational capability storage capability
input/output capability
instant messaging
file sharing
making phone calls
via internet
wireless technologies
the SIX steroids
transistors on computer chips have gotten increasingly smaller and more efficient.

1971: 60,000 instructions per second
Today: theoretically, over 20 billion
photos can be downloaded in an instant
smaller and smaller devices can store larger and larger quantities of data
Approximately 5 billion songs were downloaded for free, via fileshare, in 2004.
Technologies enabling us to share information and files from one computer to another grows more sophisticated every day.
The original: Napster
Now: eDonkey, BitTorrent, Kazaa
Voice over Internet Protocol
aka VoIP
makes it possible for nearly anyone to communicate from nearly anywhere at virtually no cost
It works by "...turning voices into data packets that are sent down Internet networks and converted back into voices on the other end." (p. 191)
"Voice will become free." (p. 192)
new videoconferencing innovations are making it possible for people to have a more realistic experience, truly similar to a real life conference.
The initial investment in these "videoconferencing suites" could pay for itself within a year, due to reduced or eliminated travel expenses
Improvements in computer graphics are important for more than just video games.
The more options for visual representation and manipulation available, the more things will be affected
These advances can, do, and will have an effect on health care, education, business, and science, among other things.
Wireless technologies make it possible for all these things to be done from nearly anywhere.
"These are the ubersteroids that make us, and all the new forms of collaboration, mobile, so that we can now manipulate, share, and shape our digital content from anywhere, with anyone, totally mobilely." (p. 194)
"...it is hard to exaggerate how much this tenth flattener - the steroids - is going to amplify and further empower all the other forms of collaboration." (p.197)
"Ubiquitous Department"
Mobile phones/technologies will soon be, literally, everywhere and everything. "You will not be able to lead a life without a mobile phone." (p. 196)
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