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Toy Story 2

No description

Cody Fisher

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 Ordinary World
Buzz lives in Andy's room and is alive when Andy isn't around
He is one of Andy's favorite toys
He is only one of many toys Andy has Call To Adventure
He is called to adventure when Woody is stolen
He is searching for Woody Refusal To The Call
He is unable to start because he doesn't know who stole Woody Meeting The Mentor
Woody was a mentor in the original Toy Story Crossing The Threshold
When he gives an inspirational speech after travelling 21 blocks
He is willing to do anything to save Woody
He matures into a leader Special World Inside The Journey
He has to travel 21 blocks, cross the street, find Woody, open the grate, defeat Stinky Pete, and get Woody home before Andy gets back from Cowboy Camp Allies
Mr. Potato Head
Hamm Enemies
Stinky Pete
Al (the chicken man) Approach The Inmost Cave
Getting to the airport Supreme Ordeal
Getting back home from the airport The Reward
He gets Woody back The Road Back
Andy getting home The Ressurection
Al is the Shadow and he is no longer a threat when he is going to Tokyo
It is clear Buzz has transformed when he leaves to save Woody The Final Return
He has more friends than before he went on the journey
Buzz learned the true meaning of Friendship Archetypes Buzz: He is the Hero because the movie follows him the closest Al: He is the Shadow because he is the whole reason Buzz had to get Woody home Woody: He is the Mentor because he gives inspiration in the original Toy Story that makes Buzz willing to save Woody Rex, Slinky, Mr. Potato Head, and Hamm: They are Allies because they go on the journey with Buzz Stinky Pete: He is an enemy because he tries to stop Buzz from getting to Woody Evil Buzz: He is the Threshold Guardian because he put Buzz in a box, but when Buzz gets out, Evil Buzz distracts Zurg so Buzz can save Woody Woody's Ripped Arm: It is the Herald because if Woody's arm didn't rip, he would be with Andy and wouldn't have tried to save Wheezy Bullseye: He is the Trickster because he helps Buzz after he gets to Woody Jessie: She is the Shapeshifter because at first she tries to stop Woody from leaving but then helps him and Buzz get back to Andy's house Cody Fisher
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