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Ancient Egypt Pyramids

No description

Estrella Lobato

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Ancient Egypt Pyramids

Ancient Egypt Pyramids
By:Estella Lobato,Antony
Macias,Enrique Cuevas

Khufu had temples
The Great Pyramid
First pyramid was built where they burial king Dojoser 2630 BC
The largest pyramid is the great pyramid
The great pyramid was built for king khafu 2528 B.C
100B.C all pyramids have been robbed
Pyramids are made out of limestone
The great pyramid weighs 6.5 million tons
It took 30-35 years to built the great pyramid
The Step Pyramid
More About Step Pyramids
Oldest stone pyramid built is still standing
Were royal palaces with many rooms
To protect tombs built 80ft. underground
Tomb was open in 1925 it had 1 doors only one led to the tomb
Only the mummies foot was found inside
More about the Great Pyramid
The great pyramid is 54 inches
The great pyramid is 480ft
The great pyramid is 756 wide
It took 30 years to built the great pyramid
The first pyramid was built by king djoser
Each king had five names
All most all boys learn what their dad did in case he dies
The temple of Karnak shows him wearing both crowns of egyut.
Their were egyut writing on the temple walls
Egyuts language was slowly lost
The step was built about 4700 years ago
It was built at the Saqquara reign of Djoser
It has six steps (200ft. 60m)
As developed sides became smoother
Were surrounded with large courtyards
More About
A pyramid is surrounded by temples

On the north there are sun temples
A king has five names
temples where tombs

1. Jane Sutter
Ancient Egypt
Jane Sutter, 06/28/2003
2.Anita Robinson
Pyramids & Mummies
Berkeley ST, Boston
How long did it take to build a pyramid
It took 25-30 years to build a pyramid.
By :Estrella Lobato,Antony
Macias,Enrique Cuevas
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