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'Digital' is Dead. Long live Digital.

Digital technology as the primary strategic facilitator within the fully digitized organisation


on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of 'Digital' is Dead. Long live Digital.

Presented by ‘Digital’ is Dead. Long live Digital. René de Labré Digital Media and Marketing Summit 2013
Dublin, Thursday 7th March Digitization: The Death of ‘Digital’ Generation Z

- Only Knows Digital

- Born 1995-2012 (Coming of Age 2013)

- 2/3 Brand Loyal (Best Brands)

- Demands upon Brands & Service = Immense Rise of the Digital Foot Soldier Application Integration

- API Integration

- Web Services

- Cloud Technology

- Future of the Application The New King Data Integration

- Disparate Data Sources

- Single Customer View

- Operational Efficiencies

- Financial Benefits The New Order Programme > Project Management

- Operational Cost Centres

- Process Inefficiencies

- Global Scale Efficiencies

- Devolved Digital Ownership Digitization: The Death of ‘Digital’ Channels = Digital > Traditional

- Greater Quantity of Digital Channels

- Not One or the Other

- Digital Touch Point an Absolute

- Shifting Media Spend Digitization: The Death of ‘Digital’ Business Function

- Comms, Admin, Ops, All NOW Digital

- Content, Distribution, Customer Interaction

- NOT Separate or Individual Implementations

- Organisational Ecosystem Digitization: The Death of ‘Digital’ Digital Technology Ubiquitous

- Converged Networked Digital Technology

- Device Connectivity = Channel Centricity

- Consumers Distinguish Between Channels

- Complex Technological Ecology Digitization: The Death of ‘Digital’ Atoms 2 Bits

- Nicholas Negroponte 'Being Digital’ (1995)

- Atoms Digitized to Digital Bits

- Google Maps, Street View, & Earth

- Google Glass Project 2014 The Old Order Executive Marketing IT The New Order Data Insight Production Executive Marketing IT TAKE AWAY The Digital Revolution
has been about
establishing channel presence,
mastering content
creation and distribution,
and learning to manage
social engagement. Capabilities Structure Digital Strategy Digital Supply
Chain & Operations Digital Marketing,
Sales & Service Digital Innovation &
Product Development Digital Strategy Digital Strategy Workplace & Enabling Infrastructure Rise of the Digital Foot Soldier Social Media Optimization

- Content Strategy, Distribution, & PR

- Importance to Search

- Map & Influence Customer Interaction

- Real-Time Customer Relationship Rise of the Digital Foot Soldier Data Management

- Infrastructure Requirements

- Cleansed, Validated, & Secure Data

- Jurisdictional Compliance Management

- Real Data Value < Data Management Value Rise of the Digital Foot Soldier Customer Data

- Death of Retail High Street = Internet

- Personalized Shopping Experience

- Data Type & Frequency Management

- Customer Centric Planning Rise of the Digital Foot Soldier Advanced Analytics

- Systems and Techniques

- Established Management Processes

- 100% Data Confidence

- Interpret Data to Create Value TAKE AWAY 'The technology at the leading edge changes so rapidly that you have to keep current after you get out of school. I think probably the most important thing is having good fundamentals.'

Gordon Moore TAKE AWAY 'Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.'

Tim Berners-Lee TAKE AWAY 'It is the framework
which changes with
each new technology
and not just the picture
within the frame.'

Marshall McLuhan Thanks for Your Attention René de Labré
Production Management Consultant


@renedelabre The New King Data Insight

- User Friendly Data Tools

- Data Visualization

- Increased Problem Solution Capacity

- Delivering Business Intelligence The New King Data Modeling

- Weathermen & Financial Traders

- Real-Time Forecasting = Nowcasting

- Resource & Variable Modeling

- Dashboard Driven Management The New King Network Device Diversification

- Effect of Networked Media Devices

- Household Product Network Connection

- Device Usage + Repair & Supply Status

- Product Development & After Sales The New King Data Surge

- Data Pipeline Management

- 2010-2012 = 100% Increase Data Collection

- 2/3 Struggling with Increase

- Data Volume, Velocity, & Variety The New Order Knowledge & Skills Acquisition

- Increase Executive Level Knowledge

- Capabilities Requirement Driven

- Increased Collaboration

- Fostering Knowledge Leaders The New Order Structural Transformation

- Dispersed Skills Requirements

- Business Function Automation

- New Business & Revenue Models

- Time Management Focus The New Order Competitive Advantage

- ...is The Prize

- Limit Vulnerabilities

- New Value Business Areas

- Prize ≥ Time of Arrival
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