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Prezi: SimpleK12 Webinar

An introduction to using Prezi in the classroom

Kim Munoz

on 4 January 2017

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Transcript of Prezi: SimpleK12 Webinar

brought to you by
From the Big Picture to the Smallest Detail:
Go Beyond a Simple Slideshow

Presented by:
Kim Munoz
15 years of teaching in Bryan ISD
Franklin ISD--3 years
Google Certified Trainer
Why use Prezi?
Ideas for Using Prezi
in the Classroom
1. Presenting the Water Cycle
2. Teaching Perspective or Audience
3. Zooming into Parts of a Diagram
4. Interactive Venn Diagram
Other ideas and tips can be found here:

Tips on learning more:
Google "ideas for using prezi in the classroom"
or go to
Instructional Technologist
Things to consider:
You need flash to be able to use Prezi. The app on iPads only allows you to present, not edit the Prezi.
Remember the home button if you get lost
Download other public Prezis you like and alter them
Steps for creating an account with Prezi
Presented by:
Kim Munoz

Connect and Share with me:

Edu accounts are private by default. You can use school email accounts for students to set up their Prezi account, but their terms of service states anyone under the age of 18 needs parental consent to use the tool.
Presenting Prezi's in Class:
It's best to show all Prezi's from 1 computer with the teacher logged into their teacher account.

Student's should send you the link to their Prezi. I use Google Classroom where I can access the links quickly in my assignments area. You could also have them email the link to you, but it would take more time pulling them up.

: Opening student links adds their Prezi to your account. This is why you don't want student's logging in-- so no one accidentally gets another student's work saved to their student account.
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