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Making of Galaxy Shoes

No description

nicole ison

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Making of Galaxy Shoes

by Nicole Ison Purple Galaxy Hi-tops Purple Nebula Shoes Materials and Prep 1. Paint Tongue 3. Layer on Pink 2. Apply Colors, Dark first 4. Add Specks 5. Final Touches I wanted to surprise my daughter with
hi-top galaxy shoes for her 12th birthday.

I found a pair on her polyvore website looking
for gift ideas. I found a nice pair on Etsy.com
for $80. With only 4 days away from her birthday,
I knew that I could find the shoes locally and
make my own.

Here is how it came about! Black pair of hi-top shoes
Latex paints: Black, Purple, Pink, Blue, White
Masking Tape
Newspaper, paint palette and paper towels
Foam paintbrush
Fine tip paintbrush
Picture of Nebula for inspiration Working on only one side at a time, apply dark blue, purple and black to areas that will stay deep space.
With light purple, start feathering bands or streams of color while background colors are still wet. Make sure to work all the way out to the edges.
Continue on all sides including integrading the back into the sides seamlessly. Layer on pink into some of the bands of light purple to the shoe. Add lightly watered down pink to areas to even out the purple and the pink.
Add more bands of purple, blue, pink and white accordingly. Time to add in all of those stars to make it look like a galaxy. Marble blue and white together onto a slightly wet toothbrush . Start flicking the paint on the tongue of the shoe first to get used to the consistancy and spray pattern.
After white specks, use yellow to create stars concentrating on lighter areas. Any speck mishaps turn into comets or
larger stars.

Add at least a large star to each shoe making sure that neither are in the same location as the other. I made the star glow by adding red around the edges.

After drying, spray with fixative
and replace the laces. Found these on Etsy.com Prepare your paint and layout all of the materials. Mask off any part of the shoes that you do not want painted specifically
the white areas on the hi-top.
Also, paint all white stitching black. Paint the tongue a dark purple. I started here to get a feel for the consistency of the fabric and the paint together.
This is where I also started experimenting on my nebula feathering. Wonderful variations of purple and pink. Notice the pink and white specks.
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